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The resources I use on my sites and tools that help anyone building a business speed up their processes and post faster and more consistently.

Two Amazing Courses For Blogging and YouTube


Matt Giovanisci has spent a decade and change building a  blogging empire from the ground up. He has sites with 700k+ visitors and brings in an amazing lightweight theme.
Check Out MoneyLab Pro

Income School Project 24

A course with a difference, instead of promising you sunshine and rainbows in a short amount of time they bring in the time, 24 months, that it takes for many to ever become successful.
Check Out Project 24

WordPress Hosting

Best Managed Hosting: WPX

If you would prefer to have top tier support and to spend your time focused on creating content and not on the nuances of website hosting then you should look no further than WPX with some of the top support in the WordPress arena. Read More on our WPX vs Cloudways post.
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Alternate Choices:

Best Self Managed Hosting: Cloudways

An absolutely fast hosting platform where you can choose which service will house your server. This is who runs this site you are looking at, if you are technically sound or don't mind learning this can save you a large amount of money in hosting costs! Read More on our WPX vs Cloudways post.
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Alternate Choices:

Best Starter Shared Hosting: Bluehost

They receive a large amount of hate from "advanced" affiliate marketers because they don't like the limitations imposed by their setup. They are geared towards helping a new owner get their website up without it being a torture test where you rip out your hair.
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Alternate Choices:

Content Optimization Tools


If you are building content and want to rank you may find a tool that helps you compare your data against the top 10 in the SERP which can help give you a leg up on beating them. This can help you spot things you missed covering that the top 10 posts all cover so you are building better content.
Get SurferSEO Today

SurferSEO Free Chrome Plugin:


Frase is all about building the best content available on a subject and not driven by SEO markers and more around generation of quality posts and information. I prefer Frase to SurferSEO and this is more about the freedom to work on high quality information and not just a focus on gaming the algorithms.
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SurferSEO Free Chrome Plugin:

Keyword Tools


A solid tool at a very good price that can help any new blogger to find keywords, create lists for their keywords, and help look at other websites to evaluate the keywords that they rank for to find avenues you may not have investigated for your own sites.
Get KWFinder Today


SEMrush is an amazing keyword tool built to help you fully evaluate your website and social media mentions. It has power even beyond this to site audits and keeping you up to date with a comprehensive view of your entire website and its growth.
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Additional Similar Tools:

Keysearch Pro

Keysearch is a much less known website that can come in for new bloggers as it is much less expensive per month versus the bigger software like SEMrush, and ahrefs. I would highly recommend if looking for a tool that they may be a good choice for a starting place.
Get Keysearch Pro Today

Additional Similar Tools:

  • UberSuggest

WordPress Plugins

Amazon Affiliates: Amalinks Pro

What I feel is the BEST plugin available to allow you to build highly interactive calls to action for your visitors. Features a Non-API and API use along with a feature rich table builder to help build rich content that gets clicks.
Get Amalinks Pro Today

Alternate Choices:

Internal Linking: LinkWhisper

A unique and very helpful tool as your site grows to help you make better internal links between content. This tool also has a nice auto-link feature that can be used to build external or internal links based on specific keywords or phrase use.
Get LinkWhipser Today

Alternate Choices:

  • TBD

Caching: WP Rocket

For anyone not on Ezoic Ads WP Rocket is a perfect plugin that does all of the grunt work to make your website fast without having to change 300 settings. They also include native ability to lazy load images and video along with serve high quality WEBP images to help load times.
Get WP Rocket Today

Alternate Choices:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • Swift Performance
  • Nitropack

Page Builder: Elementor Pro

For those looking to have a tool aimed at non-designers to build landing pages Elementor Pro is the perfect tool for the need. Pro contains a HUGE assembly of pre-built pages, templates, and awesome elements to build the look and page you want.
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WordPress Themes

GeneratePress Pro

One of the fastest  themes available today is GeneratePress, it can be used by itself and it also partners well with Elementor Pro and other page builders to give a seamless appearance.
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DIVI was the original page builder that established the functions of taking and building your site from scratch without a template providing a majority of the code. They are still one of the top 3 page builders available to WordPress website owners.
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