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Offering an array of services to help you get the most possible from your niche affiliate blog and move your forward on your building of a business that you own and operate.
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Search Analysis and Topic Design

Search Analysis

White Hat Blogging works to take your topic and find the best low competition keywords that can help you start to rank sooner and helping build traffic immediately.
Also provided: Google Spreadsheet of posts with effective titles to lure clicks. Along with competition body text length and image count 
* Please note that these are estimates and that rankings continue to change over time. Content also ranks in search engines over time based on algorithms which can slow new sites.
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Find Defects in Site Performance

Website Audit

Many site builders are focused on getting content built and posted to start the ranking process but many times this can lead to errors and omissions.
The purpose of a site audit is to look into the site and look specifically for errors that can hamper a websites growth and cause ranking issues.
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Maximize Ad Revenue with Ezoic

Ezoic Ad Placements

If you are experiencing a low value on your Ezoic Advertising and are trying to find out what can be done WHB can help you out.
WHB has a track record of helping people across the board increase their sites eMPV in many instances reaching double the initial value*.
WHB will look at your site and will add in missing placeholders when possible.
* Please note that these are estimates each site has traffic where countries can impact along with ad blockers. In these cases you may be at a limit based on external criteria.
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Adding Valuable Information for Visitors

Keyword Analysis and Content

We will take your existing content and evaluate the standings in the SERPs and see whether you are correctly targeted with your content. 
Then we can help you find more opportunities that your site is missing out on and help you supplement the content to build up your overall ranking and increase traffic.
The result of this service is to help you identify issues and provide a way to ensure those gaps that are found can be patched to help increase interaction and get more clicks.
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