Ezoic Ad Placement

The Ezoic ad placement assistance from White Hat Blogging focuses on ensuring you get the best ad placements to provide ample monetization opportunities for your niche site. The aim being to allow you time to focus on growing your content and less on the ad inner workings.

Includes the Following:

  • Evaluation of current ad placeholders
  • Tips and hints to concerns on placeholders

Our Pricing Options

Ad Evaluation

Take the time to go through your website and validate placeholders.
  • Inspect Current Setup
  • Help Identify Gaps

Ad Optimization

This service looks at your existing ad placeholders to find and fill gaps in content.
  • Inspect Current Setup
  • Fill in Gaps on Content
  • Inspect Newer Content

Full Ad Build

Demolish the current ad placeholders or if never done build fresh for your site.
  • Remove Current Setup
  • Build Ad Placeholders based on highest traffic
  • Help configure pages that you don't want ads

Up Front Disclaimer:

  • Ad Income Not Guaranteed and in Addition Can Go Down in the Short Term
  • No Redo Is Included In Purchase

Example Site (Before)

Month EMPV Before Change
  • AVG EPMV: $7.07
  • AVG Visits: 2512
  • AVG Daily Earning: $17.76


Example Site (After)

2 Week EMPV After Change
  • AVG EPMV: $11.49 (+63%)
  • AVG Visits: 2521 (+.003%)
  • AVG Daily Earning: $28.97 (+63%)


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