Niche Website Audit

The website audit from White Hat Blogging is intended to help you dig into your site for technical issues and errors that could be giving you less results with Search Engines. Using a variety of proven tools and techniques I'll give you a list of fixable issues to build your success.

The free audit will contain:


Our Pricing Options

Free Basic Audit

A clean look at your website looking for technical flaws which may be causing issues.
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Starter Hitlist

The niche starter pack is all about getting your site started on the right path.
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research in your niche
  • 30 rich content ideas
    • 10 Response (1250 Word)
    • 10 Staple (2500 Word)
    • 10 Pillar (3500+ Word)
  • 30 Engaging article titles
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Silo'ed Pack

A silo uses one seed keyword and keeps to topics centered on this single keyword.
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research in your niche
  • 15 rich content ideas
    • 13 Info Intent
    • 2 Buyer Intent
  • 15 Engaging article titles
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Enhanced Starter Pack

Looking to start a niche and want some initial keyword ideas to start a site.
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research in your niche
  • 60 rich content ideas
    • 25 Response (1250 Word)
    • 20 Staple (2500 Word)
    • 15 Pillar (3500+ Word)
  • 60 Engaging article titles
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Looking for something that doesn't fit the mold, lets talk and see if I can help.
  • Existing Blog
  • Larger Needs
  • Other Services
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YouTube Hitlist

YouTube hitlist is new and very experimental inexpensively available while beta testing
  • Top 3 Video Views
  • Top 3 Video Sub Count
  • Competition Research
  • Topical Keyword Research
  • 15 rich content ideas
  • 15 Engaging Video titles
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