When I started learning this all over three years ago it was insane trying to find good and useful content to learn without someone charging an arm and a leg for it. This led to a loss of over two years worth of time trying little things like drop shipping, blogging, and many other random starts and stops.

I tried to use YouTube only and watching marketers to learn how they built stuff and how you could build profitable sites but it was always like give 25% of the details and keep 75% useful data for themselves.

Over time I found Income School and unlike other people they offered a course and a plan for 24 months, I took the plunge and jumped in with both feet.

As time has moved I have learned that there is no niche you can’t build a site in as long as you are willing to really research and find the cracks that exist. I am building a diet based site, a fitness and nutrition site, and many more as they were proof to me of the freedom to choose what interests you.

Now what I want to do is help anyone who is trying to get started to begin on the right path and really learn what it takes to become a blogger for niche websites as it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Many will tell you about the riches but these people with lambos are full of BS aiming to strip you of cash, not have you excel.

I care to see everyone succeed but as with anything it is really in your hands, the work you are willing to put in and the dedication you have to hard work will determine much of your results, the other will be learning how search works and how fickle Google and search engines become.