How To Integrate Amazon Products on my Website Via API

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/07/22 •  7 min read

We will cover how you can use AmaLinks Pro to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress website while utilizing the Amazon API. This API interaction allows you to pull in more detailed information from Amazon including reviews, prices, and a larger image selection.

The best option in current WordPress development is to use AmaLinks Pro as it provides you the ability to add all types of assistance in adding buyers to your items. They feature cool post options like product showcases and custom buttons, even a version with product comparison tables!

Let’s dive into the Amazon API and what tool we support as the best method to use the API to your advantage as an affiliate marketer. Please note that you don’t get access to the API until you make the 3 sales necessary to become a full associate, to maintain the API you need to get sales through it monthly.

How Do You Get Access to the Amazon API?

The Amazon API is kept available only to those who have already qualified with their 3 sales within the required timeframe. Then the way to maintain access to the Amazon API is that you must make referred sales through the API or you will lose access.

Please make sure to keep up to date on the requirements from Amazon to stay within the program as you don’t want to lose your account due to not understanding or mistakenly using the tools they allow you access in inappropriate ways.

Why should You Use The Amazon API?

This is a very helpful tool that enables you to have far more access to Amazon items than the normal seller who is using the SiteStripe only. This API access allows access to much more rich content which can help you make sales much more efficiently and effectively.

Since this can help you be much more effective what you need is to find a tool that helps you open up this power and help you drive customers from your posts into the Amazon store.

This is where Amalinks Pro comes in to help, it is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to pull images, links, product showcases, and tables of data through the Amazon API.

Amalinks Pro is a WordPress plugin built specifically for Amazon Affiliate use. The plugin connects directly to the Amazon API allowing you to easily create product showcases and allows you simple ways to add affiliate links, images, and buttons to your blog posts without ever leaving your WordPress editor.

There are four primary options that are available when looking to make the purchase, options are Amalinks Pro Basic, Blogger, Premium, and Platinum. It is a decent price jump from the basic to the premium but it is worth it for the serious affiliate.

The Amalinks Pro Basic package without the optional table builder extension costs per year and can be used on up to five websites. This gives you all of the tools which can help provide you very rich information to your visitors but limits your growth and the use of tables.

This is basically a leaned-down version of the Basic package but with a tweak that can make it very viable for a single site blogger. You only are able to install the plugin on a single website but you also receive access to the powerful table builder plugin for only $67!

The Amalinks Pro Premium pack also has everything listed above while also including its premium Amazon table builder. This also increases your license count to be used on 25 websites at a time while costing you $197 per year.

Now the difference is $130 between the two tiers which can lead many to not make the purchase. I need you to know the power of the tables is what helps push this over the top as you then have the ability to put multiple similar items at different prices right in front of your visitor!

There is also a non-subscription LTD option which is called the Platinum package, this provides you access to everything for the rest of your life. This plan while not cheap is equal to 2 and a half years of a subscription purchase at $497. The additional benefit is that there is no licensing limit and you can use it on all the sites you want to.

Amalinks features an amazing assortment of tools that can help the normal blogger learn more insights into how and what users click on along with the simple to learn and use their shortcode system.

Amazon Compliant ‘Buy Now’ Button

This is a powerful tool in building an Amazon link as this tool is licensed to actually put an Amazon Buy ‘Now’ button on your page. This signals to users that the button will take them to Amazon to make a purchase.

The other function of the button is you can create your own custom button which can allow you to create a button that matches your site in color and font and styling!

Amazon Compliant Images Display

The main limitation most people have issues with from Amazon is the lack of available images to use for their collection. Amazon only allows the single image chosen for the SiteStripe as available for use without the Amazon API being used.

This leads many to steal images off the Amazon site which violates the TOS and can get you kicked out of the program. Or you have to spend time hunting down images from the vendors to fill in the gaps in reviews if you can’t purchase the product yourself.

Amazon Compliant Product Showcase Display

Showcase is where the power in this product starts to show itself to you as an affiliate marketer. The showcase can present to your viewer the big facts about the item, an image you choose, whether it is Prime or not along with the ability to show reviews and the price for the product.

This showcase helps drive the prime benefits you assign to them as to help sell this to a visitor, it almost helps ensure a click to amazon is a sale. This is only a part of what helps make Amalinks Pro well worth the investment, the other we speak about below!

Amazon Compliant Product Table Display

This is where the rubber hits the road with this powerful plugin, tables are how you can showcase an item against its similar competitors and provide your reader with some options to help nudge your sale.

With clunky HTML text tables, you can’t present the same options as shown below as the API allows access to images, Price, Prime, and quality graphic buttons. In today’s world online, showing off your product means a much greater buyer intent when they click, especially if you provide the same style option at price points giving them the chance to choose.

How To Showcase Products on Your Website

By blending these items together you can make very high-selling affiliate pages that lead users towards making purchases. The team behind the Amalinks Pro plugin also provides you a document on creating high-performing Amazon reviews using their plugin to drive the sales home.

A complete post example helps show why you should want to get Amalinks Pro as that page will sell a product much better than only text links if doing reviews, along with it being fully Amazon compliant!

Final Thoughts on How To Integrate Amazon Products on my Website

If you are looking to add some serious oomph behind your review and sales pages then Amalinks is a serious contender for your site. Honestly, my sakes have almost tripled since it was installed onto my Amazon niche sites and it could help do the same for yours.

The ability to pull many more quality photos and build high-end visually appealing product showcases are amazing for making sales of clicks. Where Amalinks is leaps and bounds better is in having a quality product comparison table option, it allows you to provide an amazing amount of context in a small space nudging the person to the sale.

Josh Koop

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