Evergreen Content: What It Means and How to Create it

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/04/22 •  6 min read

Many new to online writing, will want to write on things they think people care about or on news and interesting current events. While both of these can be solid for specific sites they are a consistent job, you can never stop publishing as it becomes out of date fast, this is why you should aim to write evergreen content!

Evergreen is a term that has been around forever. Evergreen content is content that never gets old, content that remains relevant, and doesn’t become stale. This allows your audience to read on topics you wrote about years ago like they are current today.

In this post, I will dig into evergreen content and discuss why and how you can create evergreen content and different ways to use it on your website adding to your traffic hopefully for years to come!


Why Focus on Evergreen Topics and Content?

When you are building a blog, especially a young blog, and looking to get search traffic you want to get the maximum value for each blog post. For me, this means that it brings in visitors long after I posted it so that I get a larger return on my time, possibly years.

Focusing on finding those topics that fit as nearly unchanging over time is a great way to help you do this. Even if it is something that does change, like the latest tips for blogging or new SEO tricks there are always updates and new things but they will likely not drastically change your content so you can still use them next year without major changes.

The more time I spend writing on my blog the better I get at finding, along with writing, evergreen topics, and content. I have begun to understand or know what the search engines want to see and how they work so that when I write a blog post it is going to be great for both my audience and SEO from day one but also still provide value years later!

Why Do We Need Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content helps a site remain viable over long periods of time, like maybe a vacation where you will be gone for months. In this timeframe, you may not know current events so publishing anything would be hard if not evergreen focused.

What is evergreen content and why is it important? It is basically going to help ensure that what you write has legs and will continue to be viable, bringing you traffic and income for years to come without needing to waste time every few months updating it and maintaining its relevancy.

Where bloggers and writers tend to have issues is maintaining older content as they see it as “done” while onto other topics and this can be done but you will have issues keeping that other content ranked if it isn’t evergreen and not being continuously updated.

Why is Evergreen Content Effective?

This content can be amazingly successful over time as you will only lose rankings typically due to someone else approaching and writing even better, more detailed, content.

If you come out and aim to write pure epic level content that hands down explains the concept and leaves the reader with no questions you are likely doing it right.

This is the best way to make sure that your content will be popular and effective for years down the road!

You need to focus on what people want, not what they think they may want or current events/trends which can change within a year of posting making this type of post obsolete.

How Do You Make Evergreen Content?

The best way to create evergreen content is by creating epic, detailed posts that go above and beyond in the topic you are writing about. It should be so good that it answers any questions your reader may have even if they don’t know what those questions are yet!

For this to work though you need to put in the time with keyword research and to find terms that fit being the same or very similar over a long period of time, these are the keywords that you want to target and optimize for.

If you need help finding low competition keywords check out KeywordChef!

The final thing you need is time, it takes months of creating content and building up trust before your site can start ranking top ten in Google non-sponsored search results!

You don’t want to simply barely write better content than the existing sites, what you want to do is write about the topic so well and in great depth that the other sites just decide it isn’t worth their time to make the attempt.

Example Evergreen Topics for Blogging

So you are interested in finding what content you could write that would be evergreen, let’s look at some examples to give you a better idea on how to look at whether a topic or subject fits with being evergreen.

How about some tips for blogging? These are always going to be relevant as long as you have a blog and people want help on how to make it successful.

Below would be ideas from blogging:

Additional Ideas:

Niche Ideas:

Hopefully, the topics above explain that you want a post that is going to be evergreen and that it would be the same now as in 5 years. When looking at writing for a website you want to look at topics that are within your niche but aren’t necessarily time-sensitive or things that will get old quickly!

Final Thoughts on Evergreen Content

Content that is evergreen can be extremely successful over time without needing to be updated. It should provide detailed, epic-level content on a topic with no questions left unanswered for your reader.

When creating this type of content you want to consider using keywords that are within the same or similar niche as what you are writing about but not necessarily based on current events or trends which may change in the future.

If you take the time needed and create amazing posts, gradually building up trust and authority before they rank higher than other sites that have written fewer quality articles – then your site will become an authoritative resource long term.

That’s why it’s important to invest in creating evergreen content now so when people search for topics related to yours 5 years from now there is a chance that your site can come up top in the Google non-sponsored search results.

Josh Koop

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