What to Make of Hosting That Features Litespeed Functions

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 03/01/21 •  7 min read

Let me just start with if you are choosing a host and haven’t built a niche site before please check out our guide to ensure you start on the right path for your site. If not continue below and I will speak about the hosts that I have used and how they can fit you for a niche website.

If you search around the web you will find so many options available your head will spin, I broke the following down based on many factors from ease of use, speed, customer service, and reliability to help you find one that fits your needs.

We will start with the shared hosting options which are always the least expensive in a per month cost since the servers aren’t dedicated to you but to 10s to 100s of users and their websites.

Please note that there are affiliate links below and I will make a commission should you choose to purchase a hosting package through my link. I do this to help you and not just for commissions.

Shared Hosting Options


By far the one you will hear people complain about the most for speeds but firsthand on the hosting I have not had any issues whatsoever, more than anything its because they want to tell you to choose their host that is “better” and that they make a commission on.

I have a 3 year hosting package I purchased with Bluehost and I will continue to host my starting sites on their platform for the foreseeable future as it is a small cost to allow the baby sites to grow and reach 10-30,000 visitors.

Bluehost are also, seriously, the easiest shared host to install WordPress and make a site run that exists. It is literally 2 clicks and you have a site ready to start building and there is no other service I know of that matches this.


Probably the most pushed service by affiliate marketers but for good reason as they provide very good quality service and speed offering up their SG-Optimizer to increase the site load speeds.

The customer service for me and others is always very fast and responsive helping you figure out your issue when it is hosting related. The service definitely shows in the fandom they have built in the niche site market, a good choice for a starter to begin their business.

SiteGround has a fairly straight forward process to get your first website up and their hosting plans, when not the lowest tier plan, allow for multiple websites within the single hosting plan so you have ability to grow.


One of the newer and fastest growing hosting companies out there that provide a very high standard of service along with using the newer technology in LiteSpeed servers.

Litespeed technology helps the servers be faster than the old contemporary servers from places like Bluehost and SiteGround and when properly configured can literally cut seconds on load times, I now choose Litespeed for any new hosting choices as it is impressive.

As you may see in their name GreenGeeks also is a proponent of a zero carbon footprint and they are the green company if that is important to you then these would be the perfect fit for your business.

Mid Tier Hosting Options

Both of these can give you amazing abilities on your site as it grows from the 30k pageviews on the shared hosting, what you are looking for in this range is something you can get migrated to that can keep up while you continue to grow up to 100-200k pageviews.

WPX Hosting

WPX is a perfect fit for those who want to have no need to be in the nitty gritty of server management, they have amazing support which is available all the time to help with concerns or questions.

They also are pretty affordable as they have the option for a 5 website plan at $25 per month, this is a pretty good overall bargain with the performance you will get from their technology setup.

They also provide their own WPX Cloud CDN so that way your site will be served from locations all over the Earth that are closer to your visitors that will ensure they load the page as soon as possible.


Cloudways is an overlay service to help manage a cloud server, this means that you get to choose the server scale and size you want and they layer on top the needs to control it but this is going to mean understanding hardware and needs for your website or you will end up overpaying.

As a cool new thing the people at Cloudways have added support for VULTR high frequency servers that have faster processing that can get you faster load time on your websites, make sure to choose this option on purchase!

Top Tier Hosting Options

These hosts are the ones you go to when you start to push the 100k+ pageviews monthly as they have the ability to dynamically build and scale with you and allow you to focus on building your niche authority and community and not on server maintenance and upkeep.


Kinsta would be my go to on super large and ongoing website as they provide immense value as a host, I have only tried them on a small scale until I realized they were too much for my current sites.

I moved on but in the time I was there I was sold on them for my next host once I get to the 100-200+k pageviews level.


Basically a 1-B to the option above, again excellent service and support makes them be at the top of my list here and they will be a perfect fit for you if you want to have another option.

Super on all fronts that matter, they manage and support you allowing you to focus on your business instead of hosting.


The forefather to all these other hosts, I haven’t personally used but there is a great amount of my friends who run this for their businesses and they love WP Engine.

WP Engine doesn’t run a default caching on site which means the second you make changes they are live for users immediately which is incredibly powerful!

The only con I have ever heard is that they can get pricey much faster than the other services so you will need to weigh this into your purchase.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Host For Your Website

As I had said above there are thousands of hosts out there and the above are just the ones I have used or have friends who have used that I trust. I know that the services listed above can be used as the springboards to your financial freedom if you work hard, apply yourself, and don’t quit.

As I use other hosts and sign up for accounts to test I will add them on here if they are valuable and will provide you all with good quality assistance in running quality niche websites. I want you to trust and believe in what I tell you and lying is the worst offense that can be done.

Josh Koop