Flyingpress: Hands-Down Best Speed Optimization Plugin for WordPress

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/15/22 •  5 min read

If you’re looking for a plugin that can help speed up your WordPress website, look no further than FlyingPress. This plugin is designed to optimize your website for faster loading times, and it does a great job of it. In this FlyingPress review, we’ll take a look at all the features that this plugin offers and see how it can help improve your website’s performance.

First, we can start with the creator, Gijo, and for those who have watched my videos and seen my content his range of free plugins to help you speed up specific processes on your site is just an amazing value.

Personally, there is no reason to not run most of his plugins on your site to get a starter level of speed and performance from:

He is a master at finding and implementing leading-edge speed functionality and plugins like WP Rocket have taken and used his code in their plugins because it was just better than anything anywhere else.

He runs two of the best overall speed optimization resources on the web with his WP Speed Matters website which is an amazing resource along with his Facebook group.

Who Will Love FlyingPress?

There is nearly no one who wouldn’t benefit from using FlyingPress but there are some core users who will love the simplicity and ease in setup and use that FlyingPress provides versus other paid plugins which have layers and layers of configuration needs to get right and not break your site.

For many, the core reason to add a plugin like FlyingPress is to get a performance boost to pass things like Core Web Vitals and the Google Pagespeed Insights scoring since these are now ranking factors.

Keys to FlyingPress Becoming the Leader of the Pack

There are some core reasons why FlyingPress has been continually growing since its initial release, the user interface is super simplistic but incredibly functional, updates and upgrades have come consistently, amazing community involvement, and bugs get fixed fast when found.

For those who come from bigger, more “known” companies, you know how much pain can be caused by doing none of these things consistently!

Clean User Interface

Gijo has made the plugin incredibly easy to use while not removing options and settings it feels like you have much less to set up due to managing this. The layout is incredibly clean even when compared to similar tools like WP Rocket.

Active Updates

Gijo is always working on new ways to get performance boosts and these are added into the plugin as soon as tested and vetted to work as anticipated as you don’t need to brick your site testing some new “feature”.

Strong Community

The Facebook group is very active and there is always help available at nearly any time of day to explain something if the function is causing you issues or problems.

Take time before asking questions by reading the high-quality provided support documentation as most of the frequent issues are already covered here and not everything needs a damned Facebook post.

Feature Filled

The plugin has an amazing array of features already built-in and this is one of the most powerful benefits to using Flyingpress over the many other options that are available.

Bugs Fixed Fast

Gijo is always responsive to bugs and to locate what causes them and squash them dead, having a true developer in charge of this plugin means you get actual support to fix issues!

Ability to Add On FlyingCDN For Edge Caching

The FlyingCDN is similar to other CDN options available, currently, $3 per 100GB monthly, which helps to get those not located near your server the same loading speeds even while thousands of miles away.

For people who have a site that services worldwide this is a need and something that you would always want to implement to support your visitors!

Pricing (As of Feb 2022)

Final Thoughts on Using FlyingPress for Speed Optimizaiton

For many, FlyingPress is a plugin for WordPress that has been flying under the radar. Their main focus is speed optimization, which is an important part of SEO these days with Core Web Vitals now part of SERP evaluations on Google.

It also helps to make your site load faster for visitors, no matter where they are located in relation to your server and hosting. To learn more about this great plugin, go here.

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