How to Create a Niche YouTube Channel to Diversify

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 01/22/21 •  6 min read

Why would someone who is looking to build a niche blogging website look at also creating a YouTube channel you may wonder. Well the reason is to help you build up a diverse range for income and traffic that could be routed to your website.

How to Create a Niche YouTube Channel:

How to Create a Niche YouTube Channel

While it is arguably simple to create a YouTube channel it takes some real work to build a profitable niche website. You need to make it stand out from the crowd and you want to make sure the videos you make will be findable and viewable.

First we are starting and preparing the channel and to make this simple we will use a brand channel which will make it more of a business and brand instead of a personal channel.

Adding a Brand Channel

You want to start by creating your Brand Channel, you can reach the Channel Switcher to do this from this link. Then you will want to click on “Create a new channel” option in the top left corner.

Once inside you will want to enter your brand name, I tend to stay aligned to my website personally so that they support each other appropriately and look like one to visitors.

This will then take you to your YouTube Channel and you will have the chance to apply some brand artwork and start to assemble your channel and how it will look to your visitors.

After this point you can click on the “Customize Channel” button to start making updates to the look and feel, add playlists, and start adding in the brand artwork we will speak to below.

Building Brand Artwork

This is how people will identify your channel when they see it, it should feel unique and very much on brand for your YouTube and this may be simple to complete depending on the Art you had done for your blog.

You will need at least two pieces for a complete channel artwork set, a channel banner, the wide image at the top of a channel, and a brand icon or avatar, which is the little circle and shows in notifications.

I use Stencil to make these, but you may have Envato Elements, Canva, or other art software if you choose to self create these. As of today the costs on Fiverr are very good for someone to help you if artwork isn’t your thing!

Channel Banner

This is the header on your YouTube channel and may provide any of a large assortment of information you want to be immediately in front of your visitor should they decide to look at your channel.

Brian G Johnson – Awesome Example for a Banner

See how he has a simple 3 word call to action, it quickly and effectively lets you know what he is about and what he wants to help you with. This is what you want to work on crafting for your YouTube channel.

Channel Icon or Avatar

This is the first thing you will have outside of a thumbnail to draw in a searcher, you would like this image to appeal to someone who is interested in your niche and would say to them “I know what I am talking about”.

This helps to keep the two tied together and that both are tied to myself. This is what I will go with until I hit 1000 subs and then it may get a full revamp but all art time without subs is at best a zero sum game.

Search Evaluation

Next you will want to start looking into the best options to make videos on, you will want to use a tool like TubeBuddy (Free) to use their Keyword Explorer.

The keyword explorer tool will allow you to really dig in and evaluate your probability to rank for any given term and you will want to assemble around 20-40 video ideas.

These will help you later when you are looking to find your competition and to help you think out good playlists to try and align content and increase view times.

Competition Evaluation

While you are in TubeBuddy you will actually be able to see some cool evaluation metrics for your channel, these will help you understand how many videos exist and your probability to rank against competition.

I would look and find the lowest competition scores that are available, since you are new use “unweighted” and this will help you choose the best videos you can start with to start gaining viewers and hopefully, subs.

Building Content Strategy

This is where you will want to look over those keywords you found above before and start to assemble the right organization to how you want to publish them.

I would say assemble them in a way that they are at least tied together as you will want to escort viewers from one video to the next in the best circumstance and this is easier when you stay on topic.

Focus on organizing your playlists and then how you can assemble your videos into these containers to help keep people in your content and watching to gain view time and subs.

Building Out Playlists

You may think you want a large volume of playlists and while this may be the long term goal over the next 4-5 years your initial start should be much more focused into a couple key playlists.

Take time to look back through the identified competition to see what they use for their playlists and make not of the ones that look to get the most views and align your content in the same or similar vein.


What will drive results will be publishing new and consistent content, there are a lot of people in the YouTube video niche who say this number should be at least 100 in the first year!

This doesn’t mean you have to reach that number, what it does show is the number needed to typically start moving the needle and growing more consistently along with helping pull subscribers back.

Final Thoughts on How to Create a Niche YouTube Channel

While like myself you may be worried, YouTube is EXPLODING as a place for niche owners and entrepreneurs to get people looking at their content and get them on the fast track to a monthly income that allows you to quit your day job.

I absolutely was stressed out about filming myself and I am here to say that you are better looking, sound smarter, and understand your content better than someone who has thousands of subs today.

Its time to take your place and gain your independence!

Josh Koop

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