Making Your Link An Auto Subscribe for Your YouTube Channel

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January 20, 2021
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When you start building a YouTube channel finding and gaining subscribers can be very difficult to get the first subscribers in. For many this number is the motivation they have to create more content and when those numbers don't change they get discouraged and quit.

What if there was a way to get people who clicked from your site to your YouTube to be prompted to subscribe? Today we will go over how to make auto subscribe link for YouTube channel and why it is beneficial.

You will need to have your entire channel URL for YouTube and then you will need to append on the following without quotes "?sub_confirmation=1" this will work on desktop when someone clicks on the link to be asked to subscribe.

So how does this link help your visitor along with helping you and your channel? Lets dig into the reason why YouTube provides this option and why it will help your visitors to come back and view your content more often click here to subscribe to us on YouTube.

How Does Auto Subscribe Help Your Visitors

When your visitors click the link to the channel it is more than likely due to the fact that they have liked your content and are looking for more information.

Your channel in this case should be something that they would choose to subscribe to but many people will get bogged down in watching videos and then leave without thinking by habit.

Choosing that the link will ask them to subscribe is an awesome way to get them linked to you and ensure they see new content when it launches so that way they can decide to watch more.

How Does Auto Subscribe Help Your Visitors

Obviously the more subscribers you can get the better view time you will tend to have. This will lead over time to an increase in your ad revenue on YouTube as you grow your channel out.

Additionally, it is pretty clear that the more subscribers you have on your channel the better your ranking is on the YouTube search engine. Getting subs is a very important focus for all creators to do your best and build an income.

YouTube Subscribe Link not Working on Mobile

It should be noted that this link doesn't work on mobile as it will launch into the app for many people, for mobile your best chance to help build up subscribers will be to focus on the end card and provide a link to subscribe while you audibly ask them.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Auto Subscribe Link for YouTube Channels

Your aim as a niche site creator should include a plan at diversifying income and traffic sources, YouTube is currently the second largest search engine behind only their other web search on

Starting earlier on YouTube can also help pay dividends by sending traffic to your website at a time when showing in search engines will be limited, this can help you springboard forward into making a quality income.

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