January 2023 – Monthly Income Report

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/02/23 •  5 min read

With the end of the year and the numerous impacts from Google Algorithm updates that heavily impacted me and many others in 2022.

With this, my focus has changed to just the core of created sites I am passionate about, allowing me to better weather the algorithm storms.

This will adjust these income reports to focus on just the four core sites that make up my main portfolio at this time; these are:

This change will enable me to better showcase each and provide a better income report for everyone reading, as the path for me runs through these three core sites.

Income Report - January 2023

P24 Case Study

This site has been built following the timeline available publically on the Income Schools website. It is the publishing frequency they publically showcase for their Project 24 course.

This gives you a minimum amount of posts to grow a website to reach a “full-time” income within 24 months; this framework can help people continue progressing even when things are going slow.

I chose a seasonal niche and started with zero experience to push this 24 months to its limit. I didn’t allow myself to post more than the minimum posts in any month to showcase the essential fulfillment of a 24-month build.

The table below will help track the details as this site grows and make it easy to chart month-to-month progress on the site.

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
May ’21880$0$0$0
Jun ’21243222$0.21$0$0.21
Jul ’21185047$0.42$2.64$3.06
Aug ’211060166$2.40$0$2.40
Sep ’21969121$3.41$0$3.41
Oct ’211180409$2.51$0$2.51
Nov ’21989205$2.31$0$2.31
Dec ’2111100312$2.84$0$2.84
Jan ’2210110481$5.56$1.35$6.91
Feb ’220110638$8.30-$0.96$7.34
Mar ’22101201280$16.96$7.99$24.95
Apr ’22101302621$32.70$9.75$42.45
May ’2251355203$60.33$12.71$73.04
Jun ’2251409426$113.92$105.82$219.74
Jul ’22514514062$159.09$835.99$995.08
Aug ’22515014020$132.67$360.05$492.72
Sep ’2251556478$82.54$64.48$147.02
Oct ’2251603522$43.24$39.61$82.85
Nov ’2251652894$35.24$41.84$77.08
Dec ’2251703776$37.32$65.34$102.66
Jan ’2351754593$40.07$52.87$92.94

Overall we are coming out of the off-season heading into the last months of the original 24-month period. I am hoping things pick up and grow well through the peak season.

While there is definitely competition this niche can be a solid performer within the season with enough topical authority built up.


This site is about getting outside and enjoying nature, taking in the vast experiences available for those who leave city life behind.

For this site, I have harsh competition with decades on their sites, so this is a long-term site but something I enjoy all the time, so growing with it will be a breeze.

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Jul ’21111112$0$0$0
Aug ’2101143$$0$0
Sep ’2141578$0.54$0$0.54
Oct ’21318851$0.08$19.35$19.43
Nov ’21422564$1.38$1.11$2.49
Dec ’218304351$42.45$0.82$43.27
Jan ’22134312565$77.57$49.89$127.46
Feb ’2213568756$41.76$70.95$112.71
Mar ’229659214$52.79$322.47$375.26
Apr ’228739797$67.45$273.04$340.49
May ’2214878450$72.15$221.26$293.41
Jun ’2208710183$163.45$167.15$330.60
Jul ’22119811687$243.90$230.72$474.62
Aug ’22910721299$573.18$297.22$870.40
Sep ’222112819678$672.57$254.08$926.65
Oct ’22111399991$153.14$132.81$285.95
Nov ’22121516252$119.52$367.79$487.31
Dec ’2271585660$109.87$191.23$301.10
Jan ’23101688351$144.23$210.74$354.97

This is a competitive space overall, as much of the outdoors is full of well-paying affiliate offers and many blogs, including well-known companies making ranking challenging.

This site is my primary focus in 2023, and I hope to grow from 168 posts to around 300 or more, as I feel I can become an authority in this side sub-niche.


I wanted to set against my other sites that definitely can be very seasonal with a site based on my local area, as I can take all custom images and talk in more depth about things around quickly.

The hope is to grow this to 200-250 posts this year and see how much search volume comes with something more locality based instead of a worldwide hobby or topical niche.

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Dec ’221111141$0$0$0
Jan ’23213436$0$0$0

There is literally one site I can find that is close to how I plan to handle this site. I think this is a gold mine waiting for the right person to take advantage of it.


This is about making space valuable, appealing for guests, and entertaining. This niche is nearly endless to write on, and it could easily have 2000+ posts without hitting a cap on more significant volume keywords.

Since it is related to having a house, it makes it more accessible as a homeowner to answer the questions my wife and I have about entertaining others.

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Jun ’2244102$0$0$0
Jul ’222125361$0$0$0
Aug ’221843578$0.19$0$0.19
Sep ’222063587$6.89$0$6.89
Oct ’22568604$0$0$0
Nov ’221179635$12.55$0$12.55
Dec ’22211002025$22.85$0$22.85
Jan ’23361363446$30.49$0$30.49

While there is strong competition I think there are enough cracks in what keywords I initially checked for to get a site up to huge volumes of traffic.

I am hoping to reach 300 posts on this site this year; growing this will grant me a much better able to grow by being able to outsource content once it can pay for itself.

Income Summary

Overall Earnings This Month By Niche Site

Total Earnings From This Selection of Sites: $478.40 ( previous month $426.61 )


Breakdown of Expenses For This Month

As with most overall niche builders, I don’t view content costs as an expense. Building your high-quality content generates income, so I term it an investment in the site.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my running costs this month:

Content Investment

I use many services and some quality writers I have found on Fiverr, in general, to help grow content on my sites.

I highly suggest any of the people I link to below for your content needs.

  1. We Write Blog Posts – High Volume Creation
  2. Passion Posts – Content Written By Passionate Creators in the Space
  3. Fiverr – Atik4v
  4. Fiverr – Adam

Content Investment in Current Month

TOTAL Estimated Content Investment this month: $0

Josh Koop

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