12 Reasons Why AI Won’t Replace Content Writers Soon

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/07/22 •  7 min read

There has been a lot of discussion about how Artificial Intelligence will replace content writers. Some experts say that it is inevitable, while others argue that there are many reasons why this won’t happen anytime soon.

In the past decade, we have seen huge advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. But can robots really create something original, can they bring the passion of others?

Here are 10+ reasons why AI won’t replace a human content writer any time soon!


Machines Lack Creativity and Empathy

One major disadvantage at this time is that robots and AI-generated content can’t be as creative or as empathetic because they simply can’t understand what feelings are like.

They require programming to simulate human-like thinking, but in order to write humanly, a piece of content also needs to use language that is natural and unique.

Although AI can learn from existing content by studying its structure, it still requires humans to program exactly what they want the machine to do first before it can produce something similar on its own.

Another problem is that AI still can’t understand the tone or what context a piece of content should have. Although machines are getting better at understanding these things, they still haven’t mastered them yet.

AI Lacks the Ability to Create Original Work

AI is not able to produce any content that is original or unique, it has to be programmed for this upfront.

This is a current limitation of AI because it needs to be programmed with the structure and tone that you want your content to have.

If there are slight changes or adaptations that need to be made, then this requires human intelligence to dig into the content and add that spark of “personality”.

Content Creation Requires a Lot of Human Traits

These human traits such as creativity and empathy will never be replaced by machines. They can be adapted and learned by machines to better understand human behavior, but they cannot be human themselves.

AI is great at doing repetitive tasks such as rewriting content or formatting blogs, but it will never replace the true need for a creative writer. But pairing them together can produce amazing results in volume as well as quality!

Humans Are Better at Writing Than Robots

Humans have a cognitive advantage when it comes to writing because we can easily convey emotions in written words. Unlike AI, we can adapt to any tone or topic with ease and research as much as required.

From the research that I’ve done, humans are still better at writing than robots and machines because the machines still have no ability to grasp what it truly means to write creatively.

It Requires a Lot of Data and Time

Machines need tremendous compute time along with a lot of data and time in order to learn how to write like humans. While AI can easily consume massive amounts of data, it still needs time to learn the structure and tone that you want.

There is a lot of writing out there and content being generated by everyone comes in at millions of words per month. This means that machines will have a hard time staying up to date with the information flow.

Machine Learning Won’t Happen Overnight

Machine learning requires a huge amount of training and information in order to function properly. This has limited the capabilities of AI so far.

While this is something that will continue to improve over time, it’s still not ready for prime time just yet.

Building on each success means moving more towards a realistic goal. Until we reach that point, humans will still be required for content creation and strategy to help companies generate better leads and sales.

AI needs a lot of data to understand human emotions

AI cannot process any type of information without being given the right instructions. Unlike a person, they must be provided with a specific set of instructions in order to do anything.

AI cannot write creative or original content without being programmed for it first with the right tone and structure to achieve the result you are looking for.

These human traits such as creativity, empathy, language skills will never be replaced by machines. They can adapt but not replace them completely yet.

There are companies like the teams over at Jasper.AI and Shortly.AI who have done lots of legwork to make these very useful tools to add to a toolbox though!

Only Humans Can Think Critically

AI cannot solve problems by itself because it is not programmed to do so. It requires extensive coding and programming upfront to do so.

Human intelligence is still needed for creative thinking, problem-solving, writing skills, etc. These can sometimes be required to write highly interactive content for your visitors.

There is no clear indicator or timeframe as to when AI will be able to write high-quality content just yet because there are many factors outside of the coding that impacts the human element of writing.

Humans Write in a More Engaging Way

Robots cannot produce any type of content that is interesting for readers because they lack the ability to connect with other people.

Humans typically write in an interactive way, engaging the reader and making them feel like they are part of the story or blog post.

This helps readers connect to a brand and be more willing to share what you have created with their friends and family members. This is why human writers will always come before AI in any scenario because we can do all this automatically!

AI Needs to be Programmed With a Specific Topic or Audience

AI will always need to know what it is writing about in order to produce the right content, but unlike a human writer, you need to be much more specific about the topic.

Machines lack any type of creative thinking or language skills that are used to connect with your audience members, which is why they will never replace human writers in this regard.

While you can program AI for specific topics and information, they cannot think outside the box unless specifically programmed to do so.

This means if you want something creative or original, you will still need to rely on a human writer.

Content Writers Have Years of Personal Experience and Knowledge

Experience and knowledge are two things that robots lack, they cannot learn from their own experiences or those around them.

Humans write from this knowledge and experience, allowing them to understand what the reader may find interesting about a topic.

AI will not be able to produce this type of content until they are programmed with human traits such as empathy and creativity. This has been an ongoing process since day one though!

AI Has No Understanding of Tone or Voice

Content writers use their knowledge about different tones and voices when they are creating new pieces of work for readers.

Sometimes a specific tone is needed for content in a specific niche, but this cannot be done without the writer having an understanding of how to engage with that type of reader.

Tone and voice are two things that AI does not understand yet because they lack human traits such as empathy and creativity which has been somewhat resolved by Jasper and some higher quality AI implementations.

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