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It’s no secret that AI is the future of marketing and business. We’re rapidly approaching a time when there will be no need for humans to do any work at all, and GPT 3 is leading the way in making this dream a reality. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use GPT 3 AI to make your life easier and more efficient!

GPT-3 is only available through OpenAI licensed products, the best software available is This AI assistant can do everything from creating copy for selling to long-form content perfect for a blog writer! I use Jasper daily to create blog posts in my many niche sites to cut down on outsourcing expenses.

GPT-3 was loaded with around 10% of the internet in 2019, this data wasn’t loaded to scrape and duplicate content but instead to teach AI how the language works. GPT-3 works out word by word what it has been trained to understand and ensures no copy is duplicated that isn’t a generic phrase.

What is GPT-3 (A History)

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) This is a language model that can make the text sound like it was written by a human. It uses deep learning to do it. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series, created by OpenAI. The OpenAI GPT-3 API is an artificial intelligence software created in a lab located in San Francisco.

GPT-3’s full version has a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters providing large intelligence benefits. This makes it be far more human-like than previous models. And it can create much longer text than previous incarnations but requires a request for their API access before you can interact with it.

The GPT-n series are pre-trained language models which you can use to generate new sentences or even paragraphs that sound like they were written by a human being. They’re trained on huge amounts of data from the web with an algorithm called sequence modeling. This algorithm can learn to predict the next word in a sentence.

How Does GPT-AI Work?

Using this tool is very simple. All you need to do is upload a piece of text, and it will generate hundreds or even thousands of variations on that original sentence. This means the possibilities are almost limitless to content use!

The program uses what’s called a transformer model which learns how to use words from across the internet in different ways. It can learn both common word combinations and uncommon word combinations.

The generator is very simple to use and fairly quick considering there have been hours of processing time for every second of content it creates, but the results are absolutely amazing!

Why GPT-3 is a Big Deal To Blogging

The GPT-3 is very good at being a copywriter, rap artist, poet, writer, and customer service agent. But the thing that it does is even more important. It shows that robots can do jobs better than people.

For a long time, we thought that making computers as intelligent as humans would be hard and take a lot of studying and more processing power than we ever expected to have. We looked at the human mind and consciousness as impossible to replicate.

For the last 10 years or so, some AI researchers have been saying that human-level intelligence will arise naturally once we give computers more computing power.

GPT-3 is a point for the latter group. This study by the standards of modern machine-learning research, GPT-3’s technical setup isn’t that impressive. It uses an architecture from 2018 and this is not good because it means that it is already out of date in a fast-moving field like this one.

The research team did not fix GPT-2. People outside of the research team were unhappy with this.

The GPT-3 is small. It can’t do what is possible. We are training it in the dumbest way possible. That means that there is a lot of room for improvement and that someday GPT-3 will look as bad as GPT-2 does to us now.

This is about an argument between people. Some people think that we can make AI systems that are better than humans using deep learning. Can we get human-level intelligence by giving computers more and more power? It feels like we’re getting closer to that very answer.

These questions won’t be settled for a few years. GPT-3 is not human-level intelligence, even if it can do an amazing thing that is like being human.

Some people think the short copy that is spread online to showcase the power of GPT-3 is making too much hype and not showing the reality. The people say that if a prompt is not designed well, GPT-3 will give bad answers. That is true. But we should design the prompts better and not stop using GPT-3.

Why Jasper Is Powerful for Bloggers

Jasper is incredibly powerful for blogging use as long as you learn the tool and how to make it provide the output. They offer an amazing Bootcamp learning course also to help you learn and adjust your processes.

With Jasper there are people creating 10 to 100s posts per month on their websites, allowing them to scale their content production and to create in-depth, engaging posts.

They offer many ways to sign up, from a limited word count version, good for those who write 1-3 posts a month consistently. If you are going to work harder than this level you would want to look into the pro level which allows access to the long-form generator.

The last level is currently the most powerful for a content creator, the so-called “Boss Mode” allows you to directly send Jasper commands and not to just have him add onto your content but to feed him instructions.

Building Long-Form Content

The long-form content option is what really springboarded Jasper into the blogging world, before this you would have to cut and paste a post together from multiple templates.

This would require significant editing and clean-up to blend them together into one workable piece of content. Instead, now you can just work within the creator and write a sentence and just ask Jasper to complete the thought for you.

This is perfect if you are wanting to produce large pieces of content but don’t have the time or maybe in-depth knowledge or skills to do so by yourself.

For me, the big assistance is that I seem to hit writers’ block frequently, the big benefit to me is that I now can get Jasper to help kick start my thoughts again which gets me back to writing much faster and more efficiently.

This gives your business an opportunity to compete with the big players in their industry who can afford full-time writers and editors and allow you to build a larger blog with deep and rich content similar to them.

Boss Mode Editor Featuring Recipes

Building on the long-form content creation is Boss Mode, this mode allows you to create anything you want or can think of for your writing needs.

As you learn how to send in these requests to get the best performing quality content back which allows you to streamline what you like for intros, conclusions, and building out headings to use in-between.

Once you master this you can actually build your own recipes, kind of like a template for you that you can share out with others. These can be complete posts or specialized content creation like a review, or similar.

Boss Mode once mastered will make you a master at creating high-quality content at scale, allowing you to both write and add your voice to everything on creation instead of having to try and edit it back in.

Jasper is a Writing Assistant Not Researcher

One thing many don’t seem to understand, you can’t trust any “fact” Jasper creates as there is no research behind it, it is filling in word by word based on learning and programming.

Any fact should be treated as fake until thoroughly researched or double-checked prior to publishing.

Jasper as a writing assistant is perfect in helping you maintain a continual train of thought building longer content and providing help to your readers.

Final Thoughts on the GPT-3 AI and Jasper Platform

Click here to sign up for Jasper and get your account started today. With this AI you can work smarter, not harder with the power of GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to produce large pieces of content but don’t have time, you can use this. It is for someone who does not know how to write well by themselves.

If you want to push this even further down the SEO path, Jasper features a native integration with SurferSEO which can help you build user-friendly but SEO-optimized content together at the same time!

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