Jasper.AI: Unlocking Your Optimization Potential

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/07/22 •  12 min read

The Jasper AI platform is a revolutionary tool for unlocking your conversion optimization potential. It uses artificial intelligence to optimize any website, and it’s the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes! What does Jasper do? Let’s take a closer look at what this awesome AI can do for you.

Jasper.ai is a tool that uses the OpenAI GPT-3 base to help build content for those looking to build content-based websites. It can help you build cold emails, social media posts, blog content, and much more. It uses custom code inputs in the form of templates to get you repeatable results.

So when it comes to getting a great return on your investment, Jasper.ai is very close to being the perfect solution for any content marketer or copywriter to maximize their performance!


The Future of Content Writing

Let’s face it, the future of content writing in some part will go through AI and use its power to massively compute data while providing human-like information in return.

This is what Jasper does, it makes your content writing more efficient so you can spend time on creating better posts and learning about the latest trends in marketing!

Tools like Jasper help you to generate engaging content at a near superhuman scale, bringing the best of us together with the best of AI.

Jasper Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI Model

For those who don’t know what OpenAI is, it’s an artificial intelligence research company that uses deep learning to build safe and secure AI and try to control it and limit its ability to be used for nefarious purposes.

The AI model that Jasper uses is called GPT-3 (third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer). This model has the ability to take a piece of text as an input and generate a realistic paragraph out of it. The results are pretty amazing!

This not only makes content writing more efficient, but it also helps you to produce content at an astonishing rate.

This technology is still new, and not perfected yet! But Jasper can be used today with the simple click of a button. Allowing even more people who are non-technical to take advantage of this powerful tool!

Jasper is an AI Writing Assistant

The team behind Jasper has trained it to generate original, creative content that is unique and engaging! It is a writing assistant though and is meant to help you, not do the work FOR you.

Also as a writing assistant, it isn’t a “fact engine” it looks at the word being used and chooses based on the algorithms what should be next based on probability.

What this means is that it can’t answer questions for you, or do research on the fly. This leads many to misunderstand some text they are given as “copied” and not original, but this is far from the truth.

The AI-driven content creation software, Jasper.AI, is a system that generates website material, copywriting, articles, social media postings, and books automatically. The software helps you to create content that is original and does not copy other people’s work.

It’s not simply an algorithm

Jasper can help you to produce a variety of material, including long-form blog entries, marketing copy, emails, YouTube scripts, product descriptions, and so much more.

What Jasper AI Is Not

Jasper is not a customer service chatbot, although it does focus on generating and improving content in general. It isn’t an autoresponder, CRM, or marketing management platform. It isn’t a customer support chatbot, but rather a content creation and management system.

It’s more like an assistant that will assist you with optimizing your content production by taking care of all the work that can consume hours of time for a writer. You simply tell Jasper what you want, and it generates paragraphs and pages of text for you.

Who Is Jasper AI For

Jasper.AI as a platform is honestly for anyone who generates content for a business or blog. It helps content creators, marketers, affiliate marketers, and social media experts to increase their content quality as well as production.

Jasper creates content for your blog posts and articles, videos, email, Facebook ads, Google Ads, or any other digital marketing copy. Each of these can help you build a different section of your business when used.

Here is a list of who AI software is for:

For writers, Jasper can help you to easily build blog posts, create long-form content style articles, and even help you write books.

For bloggers, Jasper can be used with your existing website or blog. Simply tell it what topic of material you want written about, sit back and relax while the AI does all the work!

Even if you have a team for producing content, Jasper can be used to help them create better content faster. This will allow you all to get more done in less time, and doesn’t require a lot of development on the backend!

For marketers using AI technology is becoming an absolute must if you want to keep up with competition from bigger brands who have been doing this for years now.

Who Is Jasper AI Not For

For those who despise technology, don’t trust artificial intelligence, or want to do all of their content production naturally by themselves, AI is definitely not the right fit for their plans.

For people who are looking to push out high-volume content daily, like a niche marketer, you may have issues if your expectations are that it will create 100’s of posts daily.

For many, generating 10-20,000 words a day will come naturally, for bigger content builders with an agency or team they could push anywhere from 100k-500k monthly in content but this is with a team and coordination.

Another this is that tools like Jasper just CANT write for you, if you don’t like or want to write this tool won’t “spin” content with no work for you to publish as your own.

Tools like Jasper require a human to help them maintain directionality in the content and to help give the AI a starting point and to help correct when it goes astray, otherwise, posts can become a jumble of words only.

Jasper Pricing Overview

Jasper currently has three main plans to their pricing depending on your use and needs, they then offer additional seat licenses to add on to an agency. This is something that can be changed, but currently is the base for what they offer.

Here are the current plans with pricing:

Jasper also offers additional seat licenses for each plan starting at $40 – Pro Plan, $50 – Boss Mode. These can be added in addition to the license you have already purchased.

Jasper AI offers a 7-day, 10,000 word free trial for those who want to try it out before committing to a paid plan! If interested in Jasper and what it can do, be sure to check them out here!

Jasper Has Been Pre-Trained For Many Purposes

Jasper has a large host of features it has been trained on, this ensures you get the best out of it, from content improver to specific templates, Jasper has the right tool for your needs.

Create original content that ranks for SEO

Using the tools and templates provided you can easily create original quality content that will rank for SEO keywords and phrases related to your business.

Along with improving your existing blog articles that may be less impressive on second reading. You can easily feed it into the content improver template and see what it can change to make it more engaging for the visitor.

Boost ad conversions with better copy

If you focus on building and selling your products using ads on Facebook, Google, or another platform then you know the struggle of making sure your ad copy is perfect.

With Jasper, you can feed in multiple ads or campaign descriptions and see how they would work together to determine which works best for conversions. Or use it as a way to make sure that what’s written will actually convert!

End writer’s block with ideas from a robot

For many like me, writer’s block is a serious issue, you sit there staring at the blank document, but instead of having ideas after ideas pouring out like water from a tap, nothing comes to mind.

Prior to deciding to sign up and try out Jasper, I ran into this so often that I chose to outsource posts to high-quality content services like Passion Posts. Now I can outsource less saving that money with a small investment in my time and use of AI.

This is where Jasper can help! You simply feed it your topic and it can provide you with multiple topics that are related to what you want written about, then you pull these into the long-form assistant to start a full post.

This makes sure you always have something new to discuss or write about, even if you are out of ideas.

Scale up your content marketing fast

The one thing AI and Jasper can help with is scaling up your content marketing. If you find that your blog is starting to see success then having this tool will help.

When you are looking at scaling up, it’s easy to let things like writing get away from you and before long, what was once a great blog has become neglected and not updated often enough which can lead to lower rankings or fewer views in the future.

With Jasper in your corner, you can easily use the tools to create original content with minimal effort on your part. You don’t have to lift a finger which means more time for expanding and building up your blog!

Generate Long Form Content with AI

The long form option within Jasper was a game changer for me, instead of focusing on individual templates and having to merge content together in a Word or Google Doc.

This empowered me to let my creative juices flow, and I could get to focusing on writing for the audience and less about the bells and whistles in WordPress.

If you combine this with the AI training it has been given, then there is no shortage of content ideas to work on or posts that can be written.

Build content fast by using multiple copywriting skills in one document

Within the long form tools though you still have access to ALL the templates, allowing you to support your writings with all the templates that can provide you targeted information.

This means you have all the most necessary tools within inches allowing you to just hit cruise and to write until your heart is content!

Activate BossMode To Issue Commands Yourself

Not happy with the templates or in the long form generation? Why not issue your own commands to get directly back the thing you are looking for.

Activate Boss Mode In Documents To Write 2x Faster

For myself, Boss Mode has increased my speed as I find the best commands I like to get repeatable results when I am writing content. This results in far less time editing and guiding Jasper along to get the best results.

Why should I consider getting Jasper Boss Mode?

If you want full control and the ability to ask for very targeted writing then Boss Mode is the way to go.

You can ask for many specific things like the conclusion, wanted phrasing, write about topics you are very familiar with and even see how your posts look on different social media platforms before they are published.

Built In Optimization for SEO with SurferSEO

To help those of us who aren’t SEO masters, Jasper partnered with SurferSEO allowing them to be integrated into the long-form and Boss Mode editors.

This native integration for scoring allows you to see as you live to write content where you rank against others in the search engine top 10, or first page, which is what is needed to gain real traffic volume.

Though to be clear, this is an additional, different, subscription through another service through SurferSEO. But for the small cost per month, you will be able to see much better search performance for the content you create.

Structured For Teams and Multiple Clients

If you run large agencies Jasper can be even more valuable as you can just add on additional seat licenses to your account, this is much more beneficial to the bottom line costs as you scale and grow.

Try Jasper Free Today with 10,000 Words On Us

 If you are interested but not sure if Jasper will work for you I would say try out the absolutely free 7 day trial. This will allow you to work with Jasper, see the benefits and even generate enough content for your own blog.

Get Jasper Today; Work Smarter and Faster

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