Exploding Your Blog Monetization: Ezoic vs AdSense

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December 15, 2020

For many over the past decade using AdSense to place ads on their site has been the simplest path forward that allows for ad revenue while allowing you as a website owner to continue to focus on building content.

What if you could triple this income in short order, wouldn't you want to do this immediately? For many they don't even know that they are leaving this money on the table and costing themselves a large amount.

Why should a blogger choose Ezoic vs AdSense? Ezoic uses AI to power your ad display allowing you to have better performing ads placed from multiple vendors increasing your RPM. Ezoic also utilizes a pay per view model in place of the pay per click that is the current model for Google Adsense which can limit your income.

I will note that Ezoic is a ad service available when you reach around approximately 10k pageviews / sessions and they can help you dramatically increase your income should you be over this level you should click here now and start converting over with their help.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is created by Google as a means for websites to monetize themselves with ads without the higher pageview and session requirements of other ad provider services.

This is a nice low barrier to entry and it can help you start to build a broader monetization method on your site as opposed to staying focused on one style of making money.

While this is a nice feature to have early it can have some side effects and has some detracting features that can limit your benefits as you grow and why you want to look at moving on to other services.

Why Look At Moving From AdSense?

Why should you think about moving on from your current setup with AdSense you may wonder, well the main one will be down to overall income being based on ad clicks and not impressions.

Google Pays Based on Ad Click

Google pays out when a visitor to your website clicks on an ad display, while this may sound lucrative the amount of visitors who click is typically very small unless led to false clicks, or things that look like the site and fake the visitor into clicking through.

Google does go through these events though and will remove false click throughs from being paid, but the damage to your websites reputation to that user is done.

Limited Google AdSense Payment Option

Unlike many ad providers for your website Google AdSense only pays out at a minimum of $100, for many people this could be 6 months to a year of advertising without being able to withdraw a penny.

I still currently have $8 in my AdSense account that has existed there for over a year as other ad providers have been willing to pay me at much smaller increments making AdSense a hard choice to make.

Google PageSpeed Impact When Running AdSense Ads

One interesting thing about the Google AdSense approach to ads is that they aren't lazy loaded or any similar speed enhancement which can lead to your site having very poor scores to speed unless you use additional plugins that can help lazy load.

If you follow Google and their push for high PageSpeed Insights scores there tools aren't built to help you maintain high scores and in many cases will push you into the "POOR" ratings.

Lack of Ad Placement Tools

Google AdSense only provides 2 methods to create ads for your website, AutoAds and create an ad. Each has their own severe drawbacks to how your website looks or the time required to place ads in place in your site.

Auto Ads sounds awesome on the beginner as it requires no expertise in placing things correctly in your website. Unfortunately this allows the ads to be placed automatically ANYWHERE in your site which can break the layout in the header, content, sidebar, or other places.

Ezoic Vs Adsense

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic sees themselves as more than just an advertising company, Ezoic works on building additional value to their Ezoic Ads by using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize ads to maximize value return.

For someone new to blogging in general and just getting into the 10,000 pageviews per month category they can offer a tremendous alternative to AdSense and a step up to your ad income.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to make more money from your existing traffic then go check out the Ezoic sign up here to start working with them to monetize through as an AdSense alternative.

If you want to read more they have their Ezoic blog where they post about important events in the ad-sphere and how you can maximize income through tools they provide.

What Are the Ezoic Requirements?

There are no base requirements to get on their system for the Site Speed Accelerator but for you to get onto the Ezoic Monetization there are some base requirements form their FAQ:

  • They recommend you have an average of 10,000 sessions per month.
  • Adhere to Google’s Ad Policy
  • Content should be original
  • Track record of identifiable traffic
  • If you possess an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google.

What is the Ezoic Ad Tester?

This is an awesome tool that allows you to add placeholders on your site directly inside Chrome by installing the plugin and using your Ezoic sign in.

Ezoic Ad Tested Example Image showing what the Chrome Plugin displays on screen
Ezoic Ad Tester Example with Placeholders

This is how I build ad placeholders on all my sites and set them up without it consuming too much of my time and effort and Ezoic offer detailed steps on their blog here.

What is the Ezoic Tag Tester Tool?

This is a tool that Ezoic has that allows you to swap out your Titles to allow you to A/B test out different titles to find the best CTR, or click through rate, for your posts to maximize your traffic.

This simple tool allows you to provide two tags and then see over time what the difference is between visitors to your site which yields insight to better titling your posts for your readers.

What is Ezoic Premium?

Ezoic premium is offered on accounts after they have been on the service a length of time and are making over an amount of money per month along with limited participation this can make it hard to tell you numbers to get in.

Many are confused about what Ezoic Premium is and why you would need to pay for it out of your own pocket and why it can't be taken from the money you make from providing ads.

Unlike other ad providers Ezoic is highly transparent and the costs come from having work done on your behalf with tiered vendors.

The reason this payment can't be taken from your earning is that you are paid after you have run the ads, where as you are paying PRIOR for the higher tiered ad access.

This is why you can't pay from Ezoic earning as you haven't technically earned them as they pay out NET30 afterwards. Honestly I use the same card for both so in the end the Ezoic does pay for the Ezoic after it builds up, saving time and effort.

If you should earn less than what you pay in you are moved down a tier and the money is recovered so you don't face losing money over being within premium.

My Ezoic Review

I have found Ezoic to be amazing as I like data and analytics and they provide the best tools in relation to this hands down. My income and EPMV have continued to grow month over month which allows me more flexibility.

Ezoic EPMV Month over Month Growth
EPMV Growth over time as AI optimizes placements
Overall Earnings Growth Over Time chart showing consistently higher income month over month
Overall Earnings Growth Over Time

One thing that many people seem to not believe is that for AI to work efficiently for you it needs the ad placeholders and lots of pageviews, in many cases 100,000+ to start becoming truly optimized at all.

For almost any blogger though I would hand down tell you that Ezoic has given me tremendous advantages as I build up my blog collection. I see no need to move as I gain pageviews as I like to control my sites and Ezoic is perfect for this.

As you can see above I have has steady and consistent growth now for over 6 months and I will continue to work on optimizing and validating new content to ensure placeholders will work well to generate an ad income for life.

Final Thoughts on Ezoic vs AdSense

One thing that most bloggers will need to figure out is how they can monetize their blogging efforts as no one prefers to work for free. My main concern is to ensure I have a varied source of income from my websites.

Ezoic allows me to earn a vast amount of more income than AdSense ever gave me which is why they have earned my trust to keep with it for life. I continue to add posts monthly and evaluate placeholders for optimum benefit.

If you are teetering on the edge think about if you were making a dollar but throwing 2 more dollars away, this is what AdSense is doing to your content, take the plunge today and start building your income with Ezoic!

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