How Much do Bloggers get Paid for Ads on Their Site?

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 11/13/20 •  8 min read

When you get your content built up and are starting to get consistent traffic you will want to look at monetizing each view, this is easiest done by adding on ads to your site as they will pay on each impression and many will pay on click also.

How much do bloggers get paid for ads? The average amount that a blogger with at least 10,000 pageviews will be paid for ads is typically around $5-10 per 1000 visits for US traffic. This number though is tied to the number of page views, impressions, and clicks to your ads from the website visitors so the more the higher income.

Anyone with a blog that is around or over 10,000 pageviews should be getting themselves signed up to the Ezoic Ad platform, for many bloggers this change from AdSense to Ezoic can triple the income in the next month which is vital for your growth.

Let’s start with your basic monetization you will get when you start and haven’t reached the entry page views needed for you to sign up to Ezoic, the most common is AdSense from Google.

Is Google AdSense Free?

When you first begin looking for a way to monetize your website with ads you will undoubtedly find Google AdSense as they are one of the most popular and biggest ads providers for any size website.

The reason they are big is that they are free for anyone to sign up and attempt to get a website approved, once approved they even have the option to add ads without you needing to place them they can automatically be shown.

As you can imagine this means they get a lot of requests and if you don’t have your website fleshed out and with well written content you can be declined from their services.

If this happens you should look to add more content that is helpful to searchers and then re-apply as this will greatly improve your odds of successful application as we discuss below in timing your application.

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When Should I Apply For AdSense?

The best time to apply is after you have at least 20-30 blog posts and have begun getting 1000+ page views a month as otherwise you won’t get any value from them being on your site.

For many bloggers who apply themselves they can reach 20-30 posts within as short a time period as a month or two, keep publishing and don’t apply until you reach the 1000 page view mark though as otherwise you will be earning pennies.

How Much Does AdSense Pay Per 1000 Views?

This is one question that many people will ask when they sign up for any ad provider but this answer is much more vague as it will depend on a great many factors on your website.

The biggest factors are down to the niche itself, something like finance will always pay better than a pets based blogging site. This is because the businesses that pay for these ads are willing to pay much more for the lead.

The next will be the visitors to your site, the ads on your site are typically based on the visitor’s history and not always contextually matched to your content.

As your page views on your blog grow you will see that you will hit the top level of what you will be paid, normally this is less than optimal.

At this point, with around 10,000 page views, you want to switch to Ezoic as they provide much more benefit on your part to ensure advertisers pay more for that valuable space on your website.

How Do I Join Ezoic?

Ezoic doesn’t auto accept people like Google AdSense, you must apply and they will evaluate your website and content. When they complete this evaluation they will tell you whether you are approved or not to join the platform.

If you are accepted you will be assigned a rep to help you complete the onboarding which consists of more steps than Google AdSense had to setup but much more benefits to you as a content creator.

Ezoic does bidding on your behalf so your ads will become higher paying over time and you will need less ads to make the same or more income. They also provide you amazing analytics that can help you find and build profitable content easier.

How Much Does Ezoic Cost?

The team at Ezoic has many different offers which is when people like yourself may tend to get confused but it is pretty straight forward overall for a pricing model.

As they are working on your behalf they do have a cost model that allows for it to be free for you or a method of profit sharing where your success gives them success also.

Sign Up With Ezoic Today

For 99.9% of people who sign up the Enterprise option just isn’t going to be viable as you won’t be at that size and scale so we will focus on the typical option for bloggers.

Subscription Option

This is for those who want to just do a profit share on the ads listed on their site, there is no static monthly costs but you will provide 10% of your overall revenue for ads to Ezoic.

This can be good for you if you are wanting to keep as much of the revenue as possible as you get the ad revenue from the bottom sticky ads into your revenue and they don’t get any of that income.

No Monthly Fee Option

This has no subscription and no fee at all but the catch is that all revenue from the bottom sticky ad goes to Ezoic after 30 days which is one of the most valuable ad slots on your site as this always shows on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

This option shouldn’t be taken by most as your income on the subscription method will probably be much higher when the bottom ad is take into account for you, even minus the 10%.

What is the Payment Schedule?

As with Google the Ezoic service pays on a NET30 plan, for those who don’t know what that is you are paid in February for January income. For example, you as a publisher are paid January’s ad revenue at the end of February.

In addition your payment is done between the 27th and 31st of each month and you need to have a minimum account revenue of $20 USD to be paid out, meaning an account must have generated a balance of at least $20.

Payment methods include:

How Much Does Ezoic Pay Per 1000 Views?

Just as with AdSense above, there is a lot that goes into this figure and there is no “normal” EPMV, but from talking with affiliates and from my ow income this looks like it could easily average $5-12 per 1000 views.

As of now my sites have a range from $9.50-44 so this shows you how big a range this possibly can be. Much of this will come down to what you write on and what your visitors interests are.

This means that even if you love to write about the computer games teenagers play that you will probably make less than someone who writes on banking and insurance for older visitors.

Bigger and Better Ads As You Grow

As you grow more options will become available for you to choose from that are more blogger friendly, I would say more “white glove” and that they do all the work to place for you and while this can be nice it can limit your top end.

The most favored are MediaVine, 50k sessions are needed to apply, and AdThrive who needs at least 100k page views per month to even apply for approval.

Additionally these other service providers lock you into contracts that can limit you from being able to move on until you fulfil the length of time you agree to.

Final Thoughts on How Much do Bloggers get Paid for Ads

I personally love Ezoic as a IT person I like that EVERYTHING is in my own control, where the ad holders are placed to how many ads I want in total on my site, things other providers don’t allow for.

Ezoic is also ran on sites with millions of visits a month, when people say you HAVE to change you need to ask the question instead “why do other very large sites not move then?”.

The answer is that Ezoic can and will provide the best customization options and analytics packages to ensure you maximize every spot on your website and this is not what other services can or do provide.

Anyone running AdSense and at 10k page views or more I would state unequivocally that you need to move to Ezoic today as you are costing yourself income and moving over will AMAZE you as to your gains!

Josh Koop