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By Josh Koop •  Updated: 03/12/21 •  9 min read

With this weeks niche we are jumping into a different style of niche that many people may never consider. Airbrushing seems to be something most people will relate to small country fairs for young kids to get sparkly unicorns and fairies.

While I can’t discount that those occur that isn’t all their is to this as a a hobby and airbrushing can be used in tandem with many other hobbies along with being used to make all those props for movies which is a career.

Automotive Airbrushing is just one sub-niche to explore

There are multiple categories for airbrushing that all have varied equipment, training, and much more that can give you a much larger niche than you may have initially believed possible.

Why Choose the Airbrushing Niche?

For starters you may want to choose to make a niche out of airbrushing as it does have a great many options for monetization while maintaining a varied approach where you could cover it.

For example, there is airbrushing for people, for cars, and many more possibilities. The first time I learned how to airbrush it was for painting my model cars that I would assemble and give “decent” paint jobs to.

I found 3 solid options for airbrushing that can help give you decisions on how you would want to approach this topic, each being very unique in the trends versus the others.

Last 12 Months

Looking at the last year the graphs for all the terms I could think of for this niche all look to have been able to maintain a good flat trend which means they have no huge peak to their seasons and will have consistent traffic and sales possible year-round.

Last Five Years

This is much more interesting as you can view by the image below that image editing or “airbrushing” a model was much more prevalent a topic 4-5 years ago and over time has tailed off.

The nicer part is that the traffic for just the topic of “airbrush” has maintained about level traffic for the entirety of the 5 years, the only time it dips is right as Covid hits full speed ahead in 2020.

Finally the last topic which is the smallest but could yield good results would be on airbrushing makeup which is a interesting niche off which could have many possibilities.


Exploding Topic Details

Exploding topics shows that overall the topic hasn’t been growing but that interest has been slowing over the last 5 years. While you may think this is a stopper to your choice of niche to me this means there is probably gaps and cracks you could fix and get some traffic fast and easy.

Online Presence and Community

I honestly was wondering how much there could be in online communities around airbrushing but I was pleasantly surprised to have multiple groups with hundreds of posts per day and forums that have consistent activity!

I would suggest that you take some time to join these communities and start to build your reputation with them as you can then wield that later to launch an info product or pull in social traffic with ease!


There are many forums that exist and they will be a treasure trove to get a pulse on current trends that haven’t been spotted yet allowing you to hopefully jump on them and rank before anyone else on the same topic.

Additionally it can be valuable to use their URL to look at the keywords they rank for and see if there is more that you didn’t think of or that you could use to gain traction on your site.


There is a page dedicated to Airbrushing but it isn’t as large as many of the others I have seen from previous niche breakdowns. This could be a place where you could get some answers in or possibly pose some questions to help figure out topics to write more on.


As with all Facebook recommendations I would say take some time to build a relationship and provide real help and detailed answers to questions. Then use that rapport to start pulling information from them that others won’t have which is how you get viral content.

I asked xxxxx people from a leading Facebook xxxxxxx Group about xxx and this is what they told me…

Once you gather the information and build the post share it to every Facebook group, since you have been in there they won’t see it as spam and it won’t get blocked and ask them to re-share with people they think would love the information also.


Taking a look at YouTube and just a boring search of “airbrushing” shows videos that range from 53k views (last 2 months!) to almost 2 million views on a 4-year-old video.

To me this looks like you can easily get traffic to your YouTube channel if you were to invest in a setup for yourself and show your progression as you learn in videos.

Online Media For Posts

It is going to be rougher to find images online for airbrushing due to the nature of the work, you can search for some on places like UnSplash to more stock related sites similar to Dreamstime or DepositPhotos.

I would also suggest asking from the Facebook groups and forums for permission to use images users publish and say you can give them credit and link to their websites should they have any, this will help build you some link opportunities as they may choose then to reshare your post.

Slash Airbrush Art from Facebook

Airbrushing Keywords

I would expect a large range of keywords to be available for airbrushing due to the many directions from which you can approach the subject, from uses on different airbrushes to technique and explanations on what the parts do, blending paints, etc.

Information Intent Keywords

There is a wide variety of ways you can attack airbrushing but the simplest may be to just take some time and look for the easiest underserved keywords that you would ask yourself as a beginner while searching.

Buyer Intent Keywords

There are quite a few buyer intent keywords on best style options. If you open up and do a best ten list followed up with each as a full review this could lead you to some quality traffic and Amazon purchases.

Search Analysis

Performing an overall search analysis on the topic of airbrushing shows that there is a vast array of easy to rank results for articles around 900-1200 words or more. I would start the site today looking to cover many of these informational posts answering questions these visitors would want to have answered.

Then I would jump into building out some of the best of review pages like what I listed above using high-quality product comparison tables like what is offered with Amalinks Pro or AAWP.

Monetization Options

The airbrush niche looks to be very good for having multiple possible income streams. The niche is chock full of products, chances dor informational products, courses on beginner to advanced topics, and as always advertisements can always yield a good return with an appropriate amount of views.

The three that stand out for this niche right away are going to be around the higher ticket products ($200-$500), courses, and information products.

Course Possibilities

For myself I would say there is possibilities to have courses based on different painting methods, beginner courses, and then grow outward from there as your visitors and students ask as this will give you insight as to the best way to satisfy people who want classes to learn.

Affiliate Products

Holy cow there are some winning options available to you should you want to build out or refer to products, while many people associate airbrushes with inexpensive units, the standard ones on Amazon go for $200 or more!

Add on to this the fact that you will need paints, air compressor, and much more you can make a large amount of income from organizing your posts and building out some solid reviews.

Info Products

While some niches will need to stretch to come up with info product options the airbrush niche is ripe for simple and quick guides to painting from beginner level and up. Many of these will be a good extra income generator as they almost entirely profit as opposed to the 3-5% you get from affiliate item sales from sites like Amazon.


I would expect that niches like airbrushing should have a good value in ads and I would expect somewhere in the range of $5-10 at a minimum and maybe if you have the right readers it could grow from there. EPMV from an ad broker like Ezoic or Mediavine should help this value to grow considerably.

Quality Domains Available

Final Thoughts on Airbrushing as a Niche

If you haven’t been sold by now then I don’t know what to tell you, I am interested in this niche myself if I only had the time that would let me add another site onto my list! Since not technology based it is a nice niche as that means there is less chance for ad blockers and other monetization fights!

Please contact me if this was useful and informative, also feel free to drop things you would appreciate research on and I would love to cover them. If you don’t want to leave it publicly then head over to the contact page and drop me a line. Please share this out to others who you think may find this useful and I’ll be back with another one next week!

Josh Koop

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