Niche Idea: RC Vehicles Including Cars, Boats, and Airplanes

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 03/01/21 •  9 min read

For our inaugural edition we are diving into a niche that many may feel is aimed squarely at kids and not adults but you couldn’t be further from the truth as this is a full on high speed hobby filled with high priced equipment that is purchased frequently.

I used to grab remote control cars, boats, helicopters, and basically anything I could con my parents into but never thought of it as more than a sideshow for goofing around, I was totally wrong and didn’t even know it!

Why Choose R/C For Your Niche?

This niche seems like it should be jam packed with websites and affiliates looking to sell hardware and necessary information out to adults but my beliefs were proven incorrect while researching.

I find this niche to offer a large variety of possible ways to monetize and a passion you could grow as your site starts launching.

This is a very adult hobby that doesn’t use the kids electric motors but instead gas powered options that are larger in scale and much faster and technologically advanced.

How To Launch Fast

If this idea triggers your fancy then I would suggest starting by grabbing a hosting package from Siteground web hosting and you get a domain name from them for free or you can purchase a domain name from NameCheap and start researching today.

So this is a little crazy graph work as there is more than just “RC cars” but hopefully the information below will help you to figure out where you would like to approach building this niche website from.

Last 12 Months in Google Trends

The overall trend is pretty stable with our lone peak being in the lead up to Christmas and more than likely presents, this is a nice solid and stable niche then showing that it doesn’t lose search volume during the cold months and gives you an evergreen content mix.

Last 5 Years in Google Trends

Similar to the 12 month graph you are seeing a basically flat line across five years with the peaks being the time leading to Christmas, obviously this points out that making a ultimate Christmas Guide for kids and possibly adults is a potent way to maximize link clicks for this niche.

Reviewing in Exploding Topics

The results from the look from Exploding Topics was interesting as it shows a little decline on the topic but it comes back as regular that means this isn’t a fad or something that is dying out it just isn’t in a growth phase currently.

Just to put your mind at ease, I have owned these off and on for nearly 30 years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most niches are going to be regular or possibly declining as typically things grow fast and slowly decline, just as this topic shows.

Online Presence and Community

RC car and vehicle owners are a very passionate group and they have a strong presence overall online which should lead to you having a strong user base to reach with your content.

I found some good sites that you can use to understand how others approach the niche: and


Holy cow this topics is still really relevant in the forum circles from the look of the posts and rankings for many forums you can probably run a search with something like KWFinder or SEMrush against the forum URL and find everything they rank for and get some serious ranking material options!

Quick Search Forum Results:


Quora looks to be quite strong with a near 25k user base on the main topic of remote controlled vehicles. This would be a good place as you are learning and writing to answer questions as you research and after a complete answer link to your site “for more information on RC cars”.


From an initial look into Facebook it doesn’t appear that by normal terminology that there are many huge groups already existing on Facebook, though I could be wrong, if not I would say you should look at creating one to be a hub to get more people to your site and build that brand up!


YouTube looks like an interesting place to launch a series of videos as there are videos from people about $15 RC cars and they have got 100k views in a year, some of these are 5 years old but with 21 million, yes MILLION, views.

This could be a gold mine waiting to happen for the person willing to get started learning and building a YouTube channel in tandem with a website, don’t be shy and start to rake in cash in a year+ from the ad content and the evergreen of this niche!

Online Media For Posts

It is going to be rougher to find images online for airbrushing due to the nature of the work, you can search for some on places like UnSplash to more stock related sites similar to Dreamstime or DepositPhotos.

I would also suggest asking from the Facebook groups and forums for permission to use images users publish and say you can give them credit and link to their websites should they have any, this will help build you some link opportunities as they may choose then to re-share your post.

R/C Keyword and Search Analysis

Looking at this from the ability to write and cover categories on many varieties allows you to focus on building your initial site around cars, boats, helicopters, planes, or other remote controlled vehicles and then grow out by adding each type of vehicle.

This means you could end with a site that has 500+ posts making you a super authority site on the remote control niche overall. I would expect this site to provide numerous gaps that you can find to rank fast and build an income.

You have plenty of informative target ideas that you can grow from an a large and vast array of options for buyer intent keywords that can allow you to link out to products whether from Amazon or other affiliate options you can find online.

Information Intent Keywords

As to informational keywords there is so many that have forums on the page that I just covered some from the side of radio controlled car. This would be a list that would almost get you into a firmly micro-niche status if you weren’t to grow it out even more.

Buyer Intent Keywords

There are more than a few buyer intent keywords on “best of” forms of content. If you open up and do a “Top 10” list followed up with each as a full review this could lead you to some solid traffic and income.

There are quite a few buyer intent keywords:

Monetization Ideas and Options

This niche is amazing for overall possibilities to monetize and give you a large variety of income streams that will ensure it can stay a positive cash flow for you for years to come.

Since the trends show that there is no seasonality this lets you know you can build this site and know that in time as everything ranks and starts to bring in traffic you aren’t going to hit the end of the season and need to wait months to restart once again.

Affiliate Monetization

All of the devices in here from electronic cars for kids to the adult gas powered machines you have an amazing array of opportunities to monetize your content and gain income from referring traffic to stores.

This is essentially endless for opportunities it will only be limited by your ability to source the best options and build out content to ensure you beat out your competition as parts for RC aircraft will be high cost and high reward, especially if you can find a good affiliate option.

Info Products

I can see a lot in this area for many levels from the beginner guides on things like managing, cleaning, and lengthening the life of your RC to things like building top of the line models with lists of parts and how you can accomplish it.

I would look at existing sites, forums, and Facebook to see what users are WANTING then figure out your method to fill this gap and then as you comment and chat start to offer it as a solution to their problem.

Memberships & Courses

I tend to find these more as a pair for most niches as courses will need consistent updates over time or technology changes and a yearly membership could grant access to all courses or you could in addition sell specific courses individually.

Ad Monetization

As to remote control vehicles I couldn’t find anything specific on an EPMV from my research online, as it’s hobbies and outdoors it is possibly able to return a pretty decent EPMV. I would suggest skipping on adding AdSense and instead focus on content to reach Ezoic.

The reason to delay is that AdSense only pays out every $100 earned and between the start and making it to 10k pageviews you more than likely will have missed the $100 mark where with Ezoic you can make this up quickly with placeholders placed well.

Quality Domains Name Options Available

We have a few domains you can get over on NameCheap today to start your journey into the soap making blog world! If you are looking for hosting then check out SiteGround or GreenGeeks.

Options Available At Posting Include:

Final Thoughts on R/C Devices as a Niche

As niches go I can’t think of many that could be as fun to participate in fully as this niche will be for someone who should choose it.

This niche allows you to constantly change it up and possibly write on the current type of R/C vehicle you are trying out at the time with custom images that make you an influence and a brand.

As you continue to learn and grow you can easily start to assert yourself in groups, Facebook, forums, and other locations to allow you to build your site into THE authority on Radio-Controlled vehicles, this will help you build serious income and freedom!

Josh Koop

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