Surfer SEO vs Frase: Which is A Fit For Your Needs?

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/02/22 •  12 min read

I’ve often been asked what the difference is between SurferSEO and Frase. We would say that it really depends on your needs, but if you have a website that’s just starting out then it might be worth looking into both options to decide which one will work best for you.

While both tools are quite similar they do have different ways of approaching optimization of content. SurferSEO is more about optimizing the content you have already written to match the top 10, Frase is more focused on building content from briefs to finishing with the optimization based on the top SERP pages and posts.

So why has content optimization grown in popularity? Content optimization is an important part of any SEO campaign, it has taken over the role of older tactics. The main reason for this change is due to how Google works with content now compared to before.

As I mentioned above both SurferSEO and Frase are used for optimizing existing articles or as a content planner to building new ones that will be optimized once finished.

Excellent Option
Complete End to End
Main Strength
Main Strength
SERP Analyzer (for optimization)
Topic Research
Strength 1
Strength 1
Content Editor (creating/editing content)
Create Content Briefs
Strength 2
Strength 2
Keyword Research
Create Content
Strength 3
Strength 3
SEO Audit
Optimize Content
Strength 4
Strength 4
Import content from URL
Strength 5
Strength 5
Question Ideas

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What is Content Optimization Software?

Frase and Surfer SEO, and other content creation tools, are meant to assist you in producing content that will be seen by the largest possible number of people by helping you rank better in organic search by writing high-quality content.

Their algorithms search the internet for the most prominent information related to search terms. After that, it looks for what those results have in common and aids you in getting to the right volume of relevant keywords.

This will improve the ranking of your material in search results and allow more people to find it which is the entire reason why we content writers create content, to get eyeballs on it!

Optimizing your content for search engines will make you rank higher. You’ll have better results this way. If you think it’s just about adding, or stuffing in keywords, then you are dead wrong!

Keyword usage may be insufficient for improving content ideas alone. Creating useful information for customers is not just about using keywords.

This implies including the appropriate titles, links, tags, and pictures in your material. It also entails ensuring that your written material is well-written and full of helpful detailed content for the user.

Not only does content optimization software aid you in reaching the appropriate keyword density. It also provides tools for structuring and organizing your material, as well as suggestions for things you may have otherwise overlooked.

Surfer SEO and Frase are two software programs that may be used to improve the distribution of your material online. Whether you have an affiliate blog or a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll want your content in front of as many people as possible so that they can buy your goods.

The content optimization software is also essential if you’re working with an external content team, such as ghostwriters and copywriters. It enables you to set the parameters for each piece of content so that your writers can adhere to them.

Freelance content marketers and writers will be able to use these technologies to their advantage. These tools may make a significant difference in the results you deliver to your clients. Clients who benefit from your work are more likely to hire you again in the future if they make more sales with it.


How I Conducted My Comparison

I have a few specific things I am using to score out each and to present reasons for my choices. The first score is for the functionality as this is decisively different between the platforms.

Brief Generation

One of the needs I had to drive choice was in detailed content brief creation, this allows me to provide outsourced writers a solid guideline to follow when writing articles for my blog.

Frase is fully able to build a brief, this is fully missing in SurferSEO. So if this is a need for you, then SurferSEO is immediately disqualified from your decision.

Target Word Count Suggestions

I like to know the top SERP lengths and using this as a guide towards where my content would need to sit.

Frase provides a nice breakdown of this content from URLs across the top 20 results which is very helpful with the DA along with word count and link count.

Where when using SurferSEO you can see each individual length but also their SurferSEO content score and authority rating.

Keyword/Topic Suggestions

Getting key information helps you make sure your content score matches up against the competition better.

When you get provided keywords, phrases, and details as to the other sites users have in the top SERP rankings have within their content this can give you a leg up in matching content and intent.

Creating Your Content

Do the tools help you build content at all levels in the process is important to me, this means the tool is helping me at all points in the path of content creation.

Frase is definitely a more full-featured “content creation” platform, but it has one large flaw in that SurferSEO has native integration with Jasper, the best AI writing assistant software available.

Content Grading

Optimization tools need to be able to help you score your performance with the words contained within your content and preferably within the content creation process itself.

Both Frase and SurferSEO have different scoring overall but both judge the content in the SERP on this scoring system so it is standardized within their own applications, kinda like DR vs DA.

Integration With AI Tools

This is where a tool can offer extended benefits and like I mentioned above this is the one key area where SurferSEO wins hands down against Frase.

If you are interested in Jasper and AI writing assistance then the only choice at this time is SurferSEO to integrate directly into the AI writer!


Obviously, the costs for a service that you pay per month will need to weigh in on the benefit and be important. The monthly costs of both services are not that different, so I wouldn’t worry about this being a deciding factor if you are in the market to make the purchase.

Though one specific issue may be the number of documents you are able to have which will depend on the tier of service, this will highly matter only if you are a volume publisher.

Surfer versus Frase: The Differences


Surfer SEO has been around for a few years, whereas Frase is a newer tool that was developed as a content production tool and is genuinely optimized for this purpose.

For streamlining your content production process, producing content briefs, and researching your topic, Frase is fantastic. It not only provides a list of keywords to include but also suggests ideas when you input your target keyword.

The most significant distinction between these two programs is that Frase makes it simpler to write content.

When you click on a keyword, Frase displays a longer snippet of how your competitors use the term and the material.

This allows you to import material from other websites to build a structure, then modify it to create your own.

Benefits to Frase Software

Frase Questions Tool

The Frase Questions tool is another good resource for finding material. The Frase Questions tool has a content planning component to reveal subjects.

You may use the keyword box to obtain a list of questions and their sources. You’ll also be able to view search volume with the SEO add-on, which is an extra $35 per month. Pricing

Basic Plans

For $44.99 per month, Frase offers a simple plan. This package includes 30 document credits and pre-approved content templates for the content editor.

Premium Plan

The cost of the basic plan on Frase is $114.99 per year, and it includes unlimited document credits. You’ll also be able to collaborate with two other users on the backend tools and receive personalized custom content templates.

Business Plans

Both editors have almost identical pricing for their services: Surfer SEO at $199 and Frase at $199.99. Custom pricing is also available for Frase, which means that you can work with them for customized deals as needed for your company’s needs.


Surfer SEO is a keyword research tool that helps you see where your content strategy is working well or where it needs to be improved.

You can use this tool to compare your website content to other websites, and then receive optimization suggestions to take action!

Benefits to Surfer SEO

Keyword Research

You are able to enter a specific keyword and get insights on LSI keywords , phrases, and related topics. This can help you understand the audience’s focus and how to write more powerful content.

Keyword Surfer

For people who like to see SEO data on the SERP, they offer a free extension that will show you how many people are searching for a keyword while on Google.

SERP Analyzer

Competitor analysis is when you find who your competitors are and see how many words they use, what their keywords are, and how many backlinks they have.

Content Editor

When you use the content editor, it gives you quick insights into how well your content is optimized for SEO. It uses Google’s natural language API, but as with many NLP tools, it could be much better.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Basic Plans

The basic plan of Surfer SEO costs $49 per month and gives access to 10 documents on the content editor along with 20 Audits per month. In addition they provide Free NLP for your 1st month to try it out!

Pro Plan

For Surfer SEO, the advanced plan costs $99. It includes 30 content editor documents per month, but expands to 60 Audits per month so triple the previous plan!

NLP is free within this plan, this is a very nice value for the slight price change involved and is a huge draw for moving form a basic plan to the pro level.

This level also provides the ability to add up to 3 team memebers to your plan to share in the resources.

Business Plans

The business plans of both editors are at almost exactly the same price, with Surfer SEO at $199. As expected this grows your potential from the previous level moving you to 70 editor documents, 140 audits, NLP, and 10 team members!

The business side also adds in the ability to White Label as your business and remove any Surfer SEO branding, and API direct access!

What is the best content optimization software?

There are several factors to consider when deciding between Surfer and Frase SEO tools. For its simple use, planning, and SERP analysis, Surfer is amazing; yet for generating ideas while writing, Frase is superior.

Although both examine content differently, you’re unlikely to receive the same keywords with them. They could also utilize somewhat distinct websites in their comparisons, but the changes aren’t significant enough to matter.

You will also need to keep in mind that both of these content optimization tools will need your input. You’ll need to select the appropriate competitors’ articles to compare with.

Picking the incorrect pages would result in your blog post competing against a sales page, resulting in subpar outcomes.

You’ll also need to go through the keyword suggestions and ensure they’re appropriate for your subject. As a result, you and your content team will get an accurate content score.

As we saw at the start of this Surfer vs. Frase analysis, improving your SEO isn’t simply about using keywords. It’s all about providing high-quality information that helps people discover things on the internet.

Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms. To rank highly on search results today, you must pay close attention to natural language processing (NLP), context, and overall relevance. It also needs links, photos, and catchy, optimized titles and headers.

Whatever SEO content optimization tool you pick, your content must be well-researched and composed. You won’t generate more traffic by producing poorly written content that merely repeats what your competitors have already stated.

Additional Option New To the Market

There are many software encroaching into this area of SaaS, but currently the newer software option with some push is WriterZen. It’s somewhat similar to Frase SEO in that it offers competitive intelligence, SERP analysis and even keyword suggestions.

The other place you should always check out is AppSumo, they always have amazing software that comes with life time deals at times but can expand your creative abilities!


WriterZen is a solid new software which has many of the same tools as the above but has some additional tools to help you get clusters and also can help you get the KGR for earch terms keyword search results.

Appsumo Deals

AppSumo is a del site, they provide access to sofwtare at big discounts that helps these companies jump start their names and software in a big way.

Final Thoughts

We have compared Surfer vs. Frase and you still can’t decide? Let’s remind you of the best features of each one.

For Frase, making it easier to do research and write a content brief is where it’s really above Surfer SEO. If the author does not do their job, you will get articles that are spun. These articles will not help your business.

Surfer meanwhile is simple to use, and its new content planning tool helps you build topical authority clusters. It’s also great for quickly visualizing and improving the performance of your website. Surfer SEO appears to be a little faster at load times than Frase.

Surfer vs Frase is a debate that will probably continue for years, and it still continues today. Both are fantastic tools for optimizing your website, but they’re also quite similar in pricing. You’ll need to spend some time learning how to utilize both of them, although the investment is definitely worthwhile.

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