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By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/01/22 •  11 min read is a content optimizing software that has been designed to help you write better content for your audience.

It helps you produce more quality, SEO-friendly blog posts by giving you instant feedback on how readable and interesting your writing is.

The software analyzes the post as it is being written, providing a breakdown of what words are most commonly used in each paragraph and where they appear.

It then provides tips on how to improve the readability of the text, with examples from popular blogs all over the internet!


What is

Frase is a newer software that is aimed at helping you improve your content, using the search engine information and current top posts as a guide to generating new content for relevant topics.

The tool is also known for helping build detailed content briefs. It’s an extremely useful tool for content marketers to assist them in speeding up the process of researching and creating content.

You can write the content yourself, or you can generate it using their new AI offering by adding on the SEO add-on to your plan.

Using this software helps you locate content gaps as well as to make sure that you are always providing new and engaging material within a few minutes of writing!

It works on three key areas:

Frase is attempting to assist you in producing better blog post content faster by allowing you to concentrate on the issues that are most important to your target audience.

How Does Frase Work?

The program called Frase uses NLP, Natural Language Processing, along with some solid machine learning to summarize the content. The program does this by understanding the content.

The good news is that you only need to focus on the output this tool produces for you!

Basically, this tool helps identify the best information about your topic. It looks at all of the information you search for and finds what is most relevant to your research.’s Key Features has many features, not just for content marketing. They have a lot of features that can be used for optimization, building content, creating detailed briefs, their answer engine, and the new SEO tools and AI writer addon!

Create Content with Frase

At the core of the Frase, platform is a text editor. It does research when you are writing. This contextual topic research allows you to focus on writing!

The editor provides you with a current word count of the topic under research. The more words that are in the document, means there is less competition for your content.

What does this mean?

You can write your content in Frase like you would with any word processor. Plus, you will have smart insights into your topic right next to your document.

Let’s say you wanted to write a piece of content about AI and writing for example.

You’d name your document and add a query ‘AI content creation‘ and you’d be taken to a content editor that focuses on providing all the details you could need to create this.

As you can see, you can write your article. You can also explore the most relevant search results for ‘AI content creation’ on the right-hand side of your document.

No more going back and forth between tabs you get it all in one easy-to-use space!

Optimize Existing Content

This is, without a doubt, the most intriguing Frase function for a content strategist. There are so many ways that you can take the content you have created and elevate it or build new content from it.

Why is this you may ask?

The game has changed and it is no longer about who creates more volumes of content, but instead a focus on who creates the highest quality content to wins at organic search itself.

How can I know my content score for a specific keyword and how to improve it to rank higher? You can do this with Frase today, without delay!

To rank high in search engines, select the Content Optimization document type and add your keyword. Then add the URL of your article to be optimized.

If you want to change the content that people are seeing, you can copy-paste it into the editor.

Create a Content Brief

Frase is a tool that makes it easy to create SEO briefs. Frase looks at the top search results for your target keywords and tells you the topics you should include in your content.

To get started, choose Content Brief and enter the document name. Then enter a keyword.

This is important because the tool will use this keyword to show you what Google has for that keyword from the SERP itself.

Here’s what you’ll get in your brief:

Curate Content to Share with Your Audience

Frase is a tool that makes it easy to create SEO briefs. Frase looks at the top search results for your target keywords and tells you the topics you should include in your content.

To get started, choose Content Brief and enter the document name. Then enter a keyword.

This is important because the tool will use this keyword to show you what Google has for that keyword from the SERP itself.

Here’s what you’ll get in your brief:

Media Monitoring with Frase

Frase can help you find and summarize quality content from the Web to share with your audience.

To start, you’ll create a new document and then choose the keyword you want to curate on. You will see the top results for the SERP on this topic within the editor.

You can click on a link to a summary of each article from there. You can also add the article’s summary to your document automatically.

To make a newsletter, you can quickly create one from curated content. You can add an introduction to the summaries of the automated content to make it personal for your audience.

Finally, you can export your newsletter to a different format or push it into an email service and send it to your subscribers.

Improved content curation through AI should help marketers create better newsletters, incorporate more research on their original content, and scale social media posting. They will also be able to create richer internal microsites too.

Frase’s AI Content Generation

Frase is a tool for creating briefs. It takes less than 2 minutes to make one. This tool is great for professionals who write articles.

This is where Frase comes in! It includes a variety of elements in your content short, such as:

Frase Answer Engine

Frase‘s Answer Engine is a chatbot that can answer questions for visitors that visit your site on your behalf. It will crawl your website to learn about the content, then it will use the information to provide answers.

The Frase Answer Assistant is easy to set up on any of your websites. It will help people to get answers to questions easy and effectively.

When you click on the Answers tab, you can type in a website address. Then press Extract Pages.

To change the look of your assistant, go to the “Assistants” tab.

The last step is to add one line of code to the header section of your website. You can connect it by adding this one line that we give you on our website page.

Now, if someone asks our bot a question, it will show the person the answers from our blog posts. Pros & Cons

Frase is the world’s first AI chatbot for content marketers. It helps with SEO, keyword research, and on-page optimization; all in one place.

Frase has an amazingly easy-to-understand interface that is great for beginners and experts alike. New features are added to the software on a regular basis.


When it comes time to write the 500-word content brief, you don’t have to spend hours researching and writing. You can save a lot of time by doing this.

Frase has amazingly easy-to-understand SEO optimization features that are comparable to those found in other tools on the market.

The Frase AI chatbot is a fantastic approach to interact and convert potential consumers.

New features are added to the software on a regular basis. Don’t be surprised if new capabilities have been implemented since you started reading this!

The team and Frase‘s founder provided outstanding customer service.

Users will find it simple and pleasurable to use, with a fantastic user interface and user experience.

A lot of room for development, especially as keyword research and an on-page optimization tool which gives it plenty to grow and help you achieve even more.


A basic plan can get expensive if you don’t need 30 documents a month, though for many bloggers this should be a target for monthly creation to reach escape velocity and traction.

Documentation on how to use it could use some improvement but they have been continuously listening on Facebook and releasing updates. Pricing

Frase provides a free trial where you can do unlimited question research, generate 5 documents, conduct a Google Search Console crawl, and test drive their Answer Engine, so how much does Frase IO cost for full plans?

PlanBasic PlanTeam PlanGrowth Plan
Pricing$39.99/month (Annual Plan)
or $44.99/monthly
$99.99/month (Annual Plan)
or $114.99/monthly
$199.99/month billed annually
# Users1 user3 users ($15 per extra)3 users ($15 per extra)
# Documents30 documents/monthUnlimited documentsUnlimited documents
AnswersN/AN/AUp to 100k pageviews/month per Answer Engine

Frase’s Support

Frase is a good app. It has a Facebook group with people who help each other. They show their problems and how to fix them, and they talk about new ways to use the app.

Tommy Rgo, the founder of Frase, responds quickly when you have issues. When something is important, he can typically find a solution to it within 24 hours.

Sometimes it happens that the same question is asked a lot of times. And Tommy always answers nicely and politely.

Recommendations are also important from the community and many have already been added as features. They are still being considered for the future.

However, the company could do better at teaching people how to use the tool. Many users find that there is not a lot of information and have to go to a Facebook group for help from other people.

This they have started to resolve though by building out a better YouTube channel to show how and what each tool does.

Final Thoughts on

Despite the drawbacks, I think Frase is one of the finest content writing purchases I’ve ever made.

Frase‘s content optimization abilities, namely their TF*IDF, SERP Mentions, and Co-Occurrences features, allow you to customize your material on a fine level by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in search engines.

When you use the power of both semantics and NLP, you can create material that is extremely relevant to Google’s criteria, allowing you to rank higher on Google search results faster.

As a new tool in the market, has been shown to be an extremely valuable instrument for producing content. Frase is also being continuously upgraded and enhanced, making it increasingly difficult to avoid making a purchase.

However, if you currently face the below issues or problems: is definitely a good fit for you to help you amplify your content creation process, which will in turn improve your site’s visibility and traffic.

Josh Koop

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