Keyword Chef Review: Amazingly Simple But Functional Tool

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 02/03/22 •  9 min read

I’m going to start this review by saying that the Keyword Chef is one of the most easy-to-use keyword tools available out there. It’s built for the beginner to the advanced with a hardcore focus on low competition rankable keywords.

Keyword Chef is absolutely amazing and I have been using it for keywords for the last 2-3 months, helping me to build some of my new niche sites and providing a fresh take on the low-hanging fruits to launch them fast and efficiently.

When you are starting a new blog it is beyond vital to find and write content that you can rank for without having a huge backlink profile. KeywordChef does this excellently and makes it all simple to do for the newbie or experienced blogger alike!


Brief Primer on the Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of generating hundreds, or perhaps thousands of distinct terms, phrases, or variations based on a single concept using a variety of different “seeds” or starters for your content.

If you’re a content producer, the last thing you want to do is write material that no one wants to read. You should track what phrases or words people are searching for in order to ensure that your material is relevant and answer the appropriate questions that may be asked.

Why Do You Need Keyword Research Tools?

Google is good for getting some answers, but it’s better to use a keyword tool especially when you are volume searching. The keyword research tool will give you more details and useful information.

Keyword tools can give you things like the number of searches for a certain term, the highest monthly searches and lowest monthly searches, as well as other websites that may be ranking for those same keywords.

You might see how people spend money on advertising, known as CPC. This information can help you make decisions about where to advertise your business.

What Is Keyword Chef?

Keyword Chef aims to be that keyword tool that actually makes a difference, helping people find those amazingly low competition keywords that other tools gloss over.

Instead of the focus being on the keywords and the search volume alone, Keyword Chef focuses on the actual SERP values and is more aligned to providing you the keywords that matter.

This leads you to keywords that your competition can’t discover that will rank insanely fast.

Removed are all the local-based search terms like “near me” and similar content and it focuses on showing you the count (when you check SERP stats) of how many forums and similar content exist on page one.

As their website says: Let’s face it, most keyword tools suck.

How Does Keyword Chef Work?

By using APIs the tool is able to search with your search term and return values based on what you add to the search prior to starting, these APIs are what allow the magic to occur behind the scenes with the search engine.

This data is then sent through automatic filtering to match criteria within the tool that helps to remove those things I mentioned above like the “near me” and similar phrases returning no junk keywords.

According to their website, Keyword Chef is only giving you useful and relevant information with quality keywords that helps you rather than other tools which provide you loads of keywords but too many to usefully sift through.

It also runs what they call ‘wild card’ searches, which is when you can swap out words or phrases for a * or wild card, these can ensure you more options are returned (but also more credit use).

The key types of searches you can base your keywords off are:

Each of these will then be able to provide you very specific sets of keywords back based on what you were targeting on the search in the first place.

SERP Scores for Low Competition

Once you pay for more credits than the free ones you can bulk check the SERP to highlight the total number of low competition keywords that exist within your search.

These can tell you at a glance how easy a time you will have to reach page one in nearly all circumstances, this is a key to the simplicity of the tool and its base functionality.

This shows you the grouping of other very similar keywords to the one listed, sometimes you can see other changes to the search phrase organizationally may show more search volume.

This will show you the section when it exists in the SERP itself that shows the People Also Ask. These are searches that align with the search you did that many people follow up performing afterward showing a relationship.

Blog Content Length

New to the tool based on users requests is to provide when you hover over a result to get the content area that was published.

Sometimes you may see something there but the content is only 400-600 words long and you can publish and win it easier than you expected.


Keyword Chef Pricing

Thankfully unlike many competitors’ products Keyword Chef runs on credits and those credits are only used when you search, unlike most other tools which are a monthly cost regardless of the volume of searches you perform, like KWFinder.

Credit System

The credit system is good because you can do your keyword research whenever you want. You don’t need to pay monthly for it.

Paying monthly for my keyword research service is really bad because I don’t do it every day. So the monthly cost would make me spend more money in the long run.

If you need 1,500 keywords but you only have 1,000 credits available to spend at the time of the search, it will still work. You will get all of the 1,500 keywords. So it’s not like you are limited to only having 1,000 credits available to spend at one time.

This means that Keyword Chef is all about providing good things for people. They are not just trying to make money. I like this because it’s helpful for me.

Zero Monthly Fees

We don’t want to pay monthly fees for tools we don’t use. Keyword Chef said no to that and said yes to credits. You only need to use credits when you need a keyword and they don’t epire.

Each credit includes the keyword’s average search volume, high and low search volumes, as well as real-time SERP analysis check.

Credits never expire and you can see your report as often as you want.

What I Liked About Keyword Chef

The only goal of this powerful platform is to give you ideas and phrases that people are searching for. I think it is doing a good job with that as the custom keywords provided are super valuable to new bloggers.

The layout is simple. That is good and due to this it makes it easy for just about anyone to use the tool with little training or waste.

You only receive your list in an easy-to-understand format without any graphs, traffic estimations, or cost of traffic. Simply put, it’s straight forward and to the point.

What I Didn’t Like About Keyword Chef

Search terms I tried weren’t always helpful. Sometimes when I entered ‘wild cards’ or ‘high level queries,’ the search results that came back were 10 or 20 phrases that didn’t seem to relate to what I wanted.

It’s a little tough to get the hang of it when you’re using wild cards, since you must figure out what you’re actually searching for. It comes down to practice with the wild cards.

Is Keyword Chef Right For You?

If you are a content creator, someone who blogs, makes videos or produces written content for your job, then Keyword Chef is a useful tool to have available to use.

For many who are starting fresh the most danger they face is in choosing topics that they will just never rank for on a new website, for these new bloggers having a tool like this is INVALUABLE to getting results.

Most bloggers who quit do so because they never get traffic and they never see any benefit to the content they create, when this happens they become demoralized and Keyword Chef aims to help specifically on this pain point alone.

To top it all off it does this work for you are a tremendously low overall cost, for less than a coffee you could get hundreds of viable post ideas for your blog leading you to faster traffic ramping and rankings!

For $20 you can get 1200 keyword ideas. That is a lot of content! That $20 will be one of the smartest investments a new blogger could ever make in getting success, start your search today!

Keyword Chef Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a keyword research software that doesn’t try to be more than it is, but rather focuses on providing solid, useful features without the bells and whistles that would distract from the core principles, Keyword Chef is your best bet.

A different way of pricing is to not have a monthly fee. You just pay when you want to use it. It’s nice because I can use this as another research tool, and I don’t need to pay for it every month.

This tool won’t replace the other tools that I use. But it’s a fantastic tool for both beginners and seasoned professionals. It’s one that I’ll keep on hand for whenever I need to come up with some interesting or unusual keywords to write about.

Josh Koop

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