Niche Idea: Nootropics

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 03/01/21 •  8 min read

Today we are going to cover a more interesting niche that has grown out of science and has been slowly becoming a solid niche. What are nootropics you may ask, they are considered cognitive enhancers or in other words smart drugs.

Why Choose A Niche In Nootropics?

Nootropics probably came into the mainstream with the release of the movie “Limitless” which featured a pill you could take which gave your brain superpower-like abilities.

Before this point they were more in the background and being developed, the movie and then TV Show just pushed it more into the public and it hasn’t declined since.

In my opinion, this will be more of an authority site as the science and data keeps growing which will provide you a means to create content consistently.

Nootropics are not new and haven’t been a fad, they are long-lasting and the market and options continue to grow.

Last 12 Months

Nootropics over the last 12 months show a balanced and stability to their traffic along with not showing any signs of serious seasonality.

Building a site within this niche could give you a consistent income all year round without many of the issues with many niches have of being inconsistent.

Last Five Years

Over the last 5 years, the Nootropics niche has been consistently growing and building momentum. It is one that I would expect to see be a breakout in the next 1-3 years and now may be the perfect time to situate yourself as an Authority figure for this explosion in growth.

Online Presence and Community

While you are beginning to build your content ideas take some time to also join various online groups and communities who have the pulse of the important topics, including Reddit. I always will recommend joining and starting to talk and discuss within these communities, start and become an information provider and gain a reputation for solid help and details.

You want to become a contributor in these close-knit groups so you can start to use their feedback to start building content. You should start by asking them questions and taking their feedback into your article creation and tell them you’ll share it once you are done writing it with that community.

This will help to start the process of building additional reach for you and your website outside of organic results from Google search which can take months.


There looks to be threaded in forums, sometimes maybe a category within a forum but overall there wasn’t any I could find in the first few pages of Google while searching. Starting your own forum could be a huge boon to getting yourself to become thought of as an authority.


There looks to be questions and answers from 2010 forward being asked and answered within Quora. There is a topic available for Quora on Nootropics. If I was to start a website on Nootroptics I would definitely start by answering questions within Quora as it is definitely a topic of interest on the website.


There is already a great selection of Facebook groups on Nootropics you can join to start finding the pulse of the community. This can help you see upcoming content choice decisions and allow you to jump ahead of your competition.

Nootropics looks to be pretty big on Facebook


Looking at the top videos there is plenty of view power available to anyone who starts a Nootropics related YouTube channel. The highest view count comes in at 2 million+ views, the average amount of views on a video using “nootropics” is almost 250k!

From a video standpoint, the right person jumping into this niche with a website and a solid start on a YouTube channel could have a solid path forward!

Looks like it is open for a channel to take it on!

Online Media For Posts

Since Nootropics are pills that help your brain perform faster and more efficiently there isn’t any specific media for posts.

Obviously you can ask for media kits and bundles from vendors to get product based pictures but in the end, you will have to use your imagination to find images that will help your posts stand out.

Buyer Keywords

Looking into the buyer keywords there are a lot of gaps in actual product reviews.

The top 10 style listicles are built but not well written and if you were to come in and drop a 10 item 2500+ word lists (For example a 250-word pro, con, description, would hit this target with ease) you would rank more than likely with ease in many of the listicle categories.

Buyer Intent Keywords

There are quite a few buyer intent keywords on best style options. If you open up and do a best-of (or top) ten list followed up with each as a full review this could lead you to some quality traffic and Amazon purchases.

Search Analysis

Performing an overall search analysis on the topic of nootropics yields a mixed bag of difficult and easy to rank results for articles around 1250 words.

I do believe this is worth starting a site today, focusing to cover many of these informational posts answering questions these visitors would want to have answered.

My next step would be to introduce Amazon products with review posts using high-quality product comparison tables like what is offered with plugins like Amalinks Pro.

I would expect these to have to be pretty comprehensive and I would read reviews as to what is popular and build a big 2500+ or more word review for each product.

While there are a few medical resources in the top 1-2 in many cases the rest of the SERPs are just full of affiliate websites, they all look like targets and should be able to be taken down by a quality post.

Monetization Options

I see many options available to monetize a Nootropics website, as most would expect since they are pills you can probably throw up some review posts and or resource pages and you will get sales once you have traffic.

As always ads exist for almost all niches, you just need to be patient and build the traffic up first to make them viable. Informational products for these will take work to look at the conversations on Facebook and Quora to find what fits the needs but there should be some solid options.

Affiliate Nootropic Products

Obviously, with a product which is mostly in pill form, this is a no brainer. I would look to find the vendors of the specific pills and work to become a direct affiliate and while waiting you could use Amazon.

This should garner much more money from a direct affiliate relationship with a provider which can help you drive your revenue up.

Info Products

As I stated above, there is always a possibility for an information product in any niche.

This one I feel will be easy to spot when reading posts and Quora questions, then I would suggest A/B testing a page with 2 different prices aiming at like $4.95 or $9.95 and then another at $14.95 though any higher seems almost super difficult as the pills sell for around this price in most cases.


I see this as having a large volume of search-related queries and information posts, this should drive you plenty of traffic if done right and could provide a fairly good EPMV.

Taking the cracks over that exist and filling them in will get you traffic that can be monetized through all ad vendors, though once you move to Monumetric or Ezoic you should see this grow much faster!

Quality Domains Available

There are many Nootropics related domains available with quality dot com addresses. I would suggest jumping on these soon as this will be a big winner down the road in my view!

Additional words: cognition, limitless, memory enhancer, intelligence enhancer, smart drug

Bottom Line on Nootropics

I now understand exactly why many people who love niche websites say that they could never make enough sites to cover all the niches which exist.

This niche looks like it could be solid for 5+ years for the motivated entrepreneur. Starting an Amazon site today can be done in less than a day following our Niche site guide.

Though most of this niche is focused around pills currently, it is rich in possible views for ads. I do see where you could look at possibilities for information products in a limited fashion.

Josh Koop

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