Case Study: Niche Site One (Carbonate Ads)

By Josh Koop •  Updated: 03/12/21 •  2 min read

One of the benefits to being in Project 24 from Income School is the ability to get a site into Ezoic at any pageview numbers, since we are in a page speed world I am taking it to the extreme!

This case study site will be revealed after the first $1000 month occurs, the plan is to watch the site build and grow while on the Ezoic ad platform with a theme built for speed.

The site started in February of 2021, the site was constructed and added to Ezoic at this time. I will continue to release monthly updates at the end of the month as to the status of the site.

The goal currently will be to add at least 4-8 posts per month to quickly reach 50-100 posts before the end of the year, the overall number of posts would be good at a solid 200-250.

After the first year I will want to do a full fledged content audit to go over what has worked, what has failed, and what is on the cusp of greatness and needs a nudge for the victory.

Pagespeed Insights Information

Here is the base Pagespeed Insights scores for the homepage, the posts all are around the same speed.

Ezoic Details

There wasn’t many ads served in February due to limited pageviews along with waiting for ads.txt to populate and be crawled.

Josh Koop